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In a tale of identity swapped by fate, a wealthy woman, whose life is marred by her unfaithful spouse, finds herself in an extraordinary predicament after a dramatic turn of events. Employed at the opulent spa of her affluent employer, a woman with an enviable marriage is unwittingly tangled in the chaotic pursuit of a philandering husband and his lover. The pursuit reaches a crescendo with a harrowing vehicular accident, leaving both women unconscious and their souls inexplicably exchanged between their bodies upon awakening.

Trapped in her employee's body, the affluent wife discovers her treacherous husband is exploiting her vulnerable state, administering mind-altering substances with the sinister intent of commandeering her sizeable fortune. Amidst this deception, she uncovers a shocking betrayal — her once-trusted personal assistant entwined in a clandestine affair with her spouse.

Concocting a strategic plan, she resolves to clandestinely infiltrate her own household under the guise of a servant to shield her wealth and enact retribution against her duplicitous partner. Meanwhile, the other woman, now in the body of her employer, grapples with her own ordeal. Desperate to reunite with her devoted spouse and restore their disrupted life together, she faces repeated rejections as her true identity is veiled behind an unfamiliar facade.

Both women are ensnared in a web of deception and identity crisis, each yearning to reclaim the lives they once knew and confront the unforeseen challenges posed by their bewildering new realities.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 15 Apr 19, 2024
Episode 14 Apr 17, 2024
Episode 13 Apr 17, 2024
Episode 12 Apr 17, 2024
Episode 11 Apr 17, 2024
Episode 10 Apr 12, 2024
Episode 09 Apr 10, 2024
Episode 08 Apr 08, 2024
Episode 07 Apr 05, 2024
Episode 06 Apr 04, 2024
Episode 05 Apr 01, 2024
Episode 04 Mar 30, 2024
Episode 03 Mar 28, 2024
Episode 02 Mar 28, 2024
Episode 01 Mar 26, 2024