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In the glamorous world of high-end retail, a woman stands out as the epitome of success and elegance. Part of an elite crew that caters to the whims of the ultra-wealthy, this woman is a linchpin in ensuring that the most exclusive clientele receive services that are as discrete as they are luxurious. Known for her striking beauty and savvy business acumen, she is joined by her charming husband, whom she works alongside; he is the head of their prestigious team and is just as admired and well-regarded as she is.

Their seemingly perfect life, however, is shattered late one evening. The serenity of the night is broken by the harsh whispers of an argument, the harsh tones of her husband's voice piercing the quiet. The words are muffled but the tension undeniable, leading to a troubling suspicion that soon finds confirmation. The chilling glow of her phone screen displays an anonymous message that cuts deeper than any knife could: an accusation of infidelity directed at her husband, allegedly with one of their own trusted confidants.

Suddenly, the world she had meticulously built begins to crumble around her. Doubt clouds her judgment as she launches into a desperate quest to uncover the truth. With each passing moment, the seed of suspicion takes root and grows, looming over her once impeccable life. Was her husband's heart shared with another, and if so, with whom? Her search for answers promises to be as heartbreaking as it is relentless, for shedding light on secrets might reveal a betrayal too painful to bear.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 10 Jun 14, 2024
Episode 09 Jun 13, 2024
Episode 08 Jun 12, 2024
Episode 07 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 06 Jun 07, 2024
Episode 05 Jun 06, 2024
Episode 04 Jun 05, 2024
Episode 03 Jun 04, 2024
Episode 02 Jun 03, 2024
Episode 01 May 31, 2024

What people are saying

  • DullFrankenstein

    Overall 7

    Story 7Acting 8.5Music 7Rewatch Value 5

    Caution: Spoilers Ahead

    Despite some flaws, both the Korean and Thai versions of this series share a common challenge: understanding the thoughts of the silent male protagonist. The Thai adaptation stays true to the enigmatic nature of the original character while weaving in lighter subplots to balance the overall tone. However, the Thai version deviates from the original's powerful conclusion by opting for a more forgiving resolution, which may disappoint fans eager to witness the climax as depicted in the source material.

    When viewed solely within the...

    context of Thai drama conventions, "VIP" excels with its seasoned cast faithfully reenacting the Korean narrative with meticulous attention to detail. The show indulges in characteristic elements of Thai soap opera melodrama, including prolonged poignant scenes, emotive musical scores, intense gazes replacing verbal exchanges, incessant crying by the secondary female lead, and essential flashbacks. The series' extended epilogue goes above and beyond, neatly tying up all loose ends and imparting poignant life lessons along the way. Despite striving to carve out its own identity, the Thai adaptation falls short of replicating the impact of the original's ending, partly due to production choices.

    With an average runtime and a penchant for melodrama, "VIP" remains a recommended watch, especially for viewers who appreciate the distinct style of Thai television. Proceed with viewing keeping these aspects in mind.

  • lazydaniel69

    Overall 8

    Story 8Acting 8Music 8Rewatch Value 7.5

    Despite some negative reviews, this drama truly captured my attention. I eagerly anticipated each new episode, drawn in by its compelling storyline. Reminiscent of a Korean drama, this Thai adaptation showcases a unique perspective of Thai society and culture. The ensemble cast delivers strong performances, although one character's expressions may appear repetitive. The VIP team truly stands out with their dynamic portrayals, and the subplot featuring a budding romance adds depth to the narrative. Keep an eye on Pook Look, a talented actress who seamlessly...

    adapts to her role. Additionally, the stunning Thai fashion featured in the series adds an extra layer of visual appeal.