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In a dramatic tale of friendship turned sour, two inseparable friends, brought up within the walls of an orphanage, have their destinies intertwined with identities, inheritances, and cruel twists of fate. One of the friends is unaware that she is the progeny of affluence, her mother tirelessly searching for her lost child. Her cunning best friend seizes this life-altering opportunity, betraying their bond by assuming her identity and presenting herself as the long-lost heir to a vast family fortune.

Amidst this backdrop of deception and yearning, a romance blooms between the true heiress, now bereft of her rightful place, and a kind-hearted man who has suffered his own share of tragedy. This man, having survived an atrocious attack that tragically obliterated his father's consciousness and his own vision, has settled in the vicinity of the very institution that the two friends call home. As fate would have it, love kindles between him and the real daughter during this tumultuous time.

Complicating matters further, the stark contrast between warmth and coldness is personified in the dichotomy of cousins. Whereas one exudes compassion and tenderness, the other, who has never been caressed by the tender touch of love, harbors a chilly disposition, overshadowed by feelings of inferiority against his cousin. Charged with a heart-rending mission, the colder cousin faces the daunting task of evicting the dwellers of the very orphanage that has been a sanctuary for his cousin's beloved, bringing the narrative to a gripping crossroad where past and future collide.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 01 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 02 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 03 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 04 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 05 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 06 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 07 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 08 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 09 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 10 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 11 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 12 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 13 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 14 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 15 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 16 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 17 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 18 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 19 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 20 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 21 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 22 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 23 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 24 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 25 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 26 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 27 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 28 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 29 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 30 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 31 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 32END Feb 26, 2024

What people are saying

  • smoothzhao80

    Overall 10

    Story 10Acting 9.5Music 9Rewatch Value 10

    I must confess, I devoured this entire drama over the course of a single day. Truly, it was that captivating. Now, let’s talk about the portrayals. Anda is remarkably portrayed, defying the stereotype of the damsel in distress that often populates dramas. Her strength resonates. Lalisa's turmoil, on the other hand, seeps through the screen, her character complexities prompting a blend of empathy amidst her turbulent actions. Anol and Pheem's performances are also beyond reproach.

    Diving into the narrative, it's an absolute gem. My initial uncertainty...

    about who would emerge as the primary love interest added a layer of intrigue, further gripping my attention. The dynamic plot twist where Anda and Lalisa's years of friendship culminate in a bitter rivalry? Completely unforeseen. It leaves an unsettling yet captivating tension that is remarkably executed. Lalisa, despite her actions, ignites a flicker of sympathy.

    The chemistry between Anol and Pheem is palpably riveting, their bond as siblings depicted with authentic depth and nuance. If the tangled web of love-hate relationships or the immediacy of love at first sight themes appeal to you, this drama serves them in spades. Moreover, it doesn't skimp on exploring the nuances of friendship and the intricate tapestry of familial bonds. This series comes with my highest praise and an ardent recommendation for all looking for a drama rich with emotion and complexity.