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A well-known doctor from a privileged background, Dr. Purim, decides to assert his independence by breaking away from his controlling father. To find solace, he secretly indulges in a hobby: baking. However, his peaceful routine is interrupted when he gains an eccentric neighbor named Matalada, who dresses in a Bohemian style. Matalada is raised by a single father who happens to own a cabaret. Mistakenly perceiving something ominous about Purim's Halloween cake, she unexpectedly enters his life. Through their mutual love for baking, a strong bond forms between them. Matalada's unconventional family and genuine warmth ultimately fulfill the emotional void in Purim's heart. This story is an adaptation of the novel "Matalada" by Natnara.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 01 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 02 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 03 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 04 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 05 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 06 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 07 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 08 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 09 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 10 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 11 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 12 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 13 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 14 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 15 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 16 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 17 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 18 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 19 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 20 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 21 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 22 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 23 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 24 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 25 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 26 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 27 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 28 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 29 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 30 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 31 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 32 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 33 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 34 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 35 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 36 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 37 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 38 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 39 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 40 Nov 17, 2023
Episode 41END Nov 17, 2023

What people are saying

  • fastluo19

    Overall 10

    Story 10Acting 10Music 9Rewatch Value 10

    Best Lakorn of the Year is a family drama that offers a perfect blend of humor, laughter, tears, fun, romance, and friendship. This TV series captivated me from the very beginning, and I found myself completely engrossed in its storyline. The main characters, Toey and James Ji, delivered outstanding performances. Toey's portrayal of Mata was truly touching, and it felt as though she was made for this role. James Ji's natural acting as Penneung was remarkable, and it was easy to forget that he was...

    playing a character.

    The chemistry between Toey and James Ji was undeniable, and it's apparent that their off-screen closeness contributed to their on-screen connection. The supporting characters, Tri-Pang-Riri, also left a lasting impression. Each character had their own unique backstory and reasons, and it was satisfying to see their development throughout the series. Father Grace, in particular, stood out as a character whose impact was indescribable. The Cage, a gang that the characters encounter, provided plenty of entertaining moments, while the doctors' group offered a sense of support and camaraderie.

    The love in this series was palpable, and I was left yearning for a full soundtrack list to add to my playlist. I am already anticipating rewatching this series multiple times to relive the heartwarming moments that I will undoubtedly miss. With the potential for a sequel, particularly focusing on Pang-Tri-Riri and the inclusion of Mata, Penneung, and their baby, I am eagerly looking forward to what the future holds. For those who miss the character Matalada, I highly recommend watching Timeline and keeping a tissue box handy.

  • loudjessica

    Overall 8.5

    Story 9Acting 10Music 7Rewatch Value 6

    This lakorn explores the idea of opposites attracting in a relationship and provides a compelling answer to this concept. The main characters, Penneung and Mata, are impressive and inspiring individuals. Penneung, despite being pressured to always be the best, grows up to be an amazing person. Meanwhile, Mata, who has faced prejudice from society, maintains a positive perspective on life. Together, they complete each other perfectly, with Penneung bringing discipline into Mata's life and Mata filling Penneung's days with positivity and love.

    The second half of...

    the lakorn is particularly impressive. While the initial episodes include complex medical terms that may be difficult for some viewers to comprehend, the sweet and cute moments between the leads make up for it. This lakorn manages to maintain attention even after the main characters get together, which is quite rare. Mata's character initially comes off as childish and silly, but she later becomes extremely positive and mature, especially in handling uncomfortable situations.

    This series touches on various themes, including toxic relationships, unaccepting parents, painful pasts, cheating partners, therapy, and the challenges of a busy life. While combining all of these elements in one lakorn could result in a messy storyline, this drama executes them perfectly. Overall, this lakorn is a must-watch, although some viewers may have preferred a different and clearer ending for Trai.

  • hotairplane!22

    Overall 7

    Story 10Acting 9.5Music 4.5Rewatch Value 6

    Hey guys! So, I just finished this lakorn that I wanted to tell you all about. It's called "Nice & Easy Watch" and let me tell you, it's all about opposites attracting.

    The show has a killer cast, including James Ji and Toey, along with some amazing veteran actors and guest stars. I loved seeing familiar faces from other Thai lakorns.

    Okay, now here's where it gets interesting, but beware of spoilers. The main characters, Mata and Pennung, couldn't be more different. Mata grew up in...

    a really laid-back household with a gay father and a lady boy auntie. She was surrounded by love at her dad's cabaret, where a lot of lady boys and gays worked. Pennung, on the other hand, came from a strict family with a motivational speaker dad and a former actress mom. Everything in his life was planned out for him.

    Now, I totally get where Pennung is coming from because I grew up in a similar environment. Not to the extreme where my dad picked my future spouse, but my sister and I had our lives pretty much decided for us. It was all about studying and no fun. So, I can relate to the pressure he feels.

    The chemistry between James Ji and Toey is off the charts! They just clicked so naturally, and Toey fit the role of Mata perfectly. And let me talk about Mata's best friend. They had such a solid relationship from day one, even before Mata and Pennung realized they were in love. It's nice to see that kind of support from friends and loved ones.

    Now, I won't spoil everything, but I will say that there's some drama within Pennung's family. No crazy exes or third parties trying to break them apart, which was refreshing to see. It made for a really easy and enjoyable watch.

    Overall, I had a great time with "Nice & Easy Watch". I don't think I'll watch it again, but it was definitely worth the initial watch. So, if you're in the mood for a lakorn with opposites attracting, give it a shot.

  • fastgrease

    Overall 10

    Story 9Acting 10Music 8Rewatch Value 10

    This lakorn is a masterpiece! Honestly, I usually rate series based on their own country's standards, but this one surpasses them all. Everyone needs to experience it. Trust me, you'll find bits of yourself in it. The characters are all flawed, just like real life, which makes it all the more captivating. I could seriously babble about this show forever! The actors nailed their roles. The couples' chemistry is off the charts. And let's not even get started on the mind-blowing guest stars. I won't...

    say anything else. Just go watch it, seriously.

  • sadwill15

    Overall 10

    Story 10Acting 10Music 7Rewatch Value 10

    Favorite Thai Drama To Date! This ongoing drama has captured my heart with its enchanting storyline and endearing characters. The male lead is truly remarkable, exuding charm and charisma. His love for the female lead is evident in his adoring gaze, and I adore how accepting he is of her unconventional family and quirky personality. The chemistry between them is palpable, and their relationship evolves beautifully, bringing out the best in each other. They truly are a perfect match.

    The story unfolds flawlessly, keeping me...

    entertained from start to finish. The well-chosen cast adds depth and humor to the narrative, making the viewing experience even more enjoyable. If you're considering watching this drama, I wholeheartedly urge you to give it a go. I can't wait to see how it all concludes.

    Update: Having now completed the drama, I can confidently say that it is a must-watch. Though some may consider it a slow burn romance, I found it to be thoroughly engaging throughout. The adorable and heartwarming romance between the main leads had me hooked, particularly the male lead's endearing journey of self-discovery. While there were a few characters that grated on my nerves, the majority of the cast delivered stellar performances. If you're a fan of romance featuring lovable main leads and a perky female lead who helps the male lead find his true self, accompanied by amusing friends, coworkers, and family dynamics, this drama is a perfect fit for you. Don't hesitate to give it a chance, as you won't regret it.