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A scientist specializing in advanced materials is startled when he suddenly starts seeing an enigmatic countdown projected in his line of sight. This surreal experience attracts the attention of the military, who begin investigating him. Determined to get to the bottom of this perplexing phenomenon, he delves into a virtual reality game called "Three-Body," which has been created by a secretive organization known as ETO. Within the depths of the game, he uncovers the truth about the deaths of numerous scientists and a tragedy that dates back to the Cultural Revolution. This gripping tale is an adaptation of Liu Ci Xin's (刘慈欣) thought-provoking novel, "The Three-Body Problem" (三体).

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Episode 15 Sep 25, 2023
Episode 14 Sep 25, 2023
Episode 13 Sep 25, 2023
Episode 12 Sep 25, 2023
Episode 11 Sep 25, 2023
Episode 10 Sep 25, 2023
Episode 09 Sep 25, 2023
Episode 08 Sep 25, 2023
Episode 07 Sep 25, 2023
Episode 06 Sep 25, 2023
Episode 05 Sep 25, 2023
Episode 04 Sep 25, 2023
Episode 03 Sep 25, 2023
Episode 02 Sep 25, 2023
Episode 01 Sep 25, 2023

What people are saying

  • GrumpyGodzilla

    Overall 10

    Story 10Acting 9.5Music 10Rewatch Value 10

    This thought-provoking show, which I won't name, challenges viewers to question their own beliefs and biases. The slow pace and lack of answers may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those who enjoy a mystery, the show's even pacing and gradual reveal of information keeps them engaged. One of the standout aspects of the series is its exploration of human perception and cognition, highlighting our limitations as well as our potential for growth. The diverse cast of characters adds depth to the storyline,...

    with their varying personalities and motivations. While the show may require some effort to understand, particularly for those without a background in physics, it enhances the viewing experience.

    However, there are some minor inconsistencies that may bother eagle-eyed viewers, although they can be excused by the unreliable narrator and the characters' own goals. Additionally, the show leaves several questions unanswered, which may frustrate some viewers, but others may enjoy the opportunity to form their own theories. Despite a couple of underwhelming moments and the presence of a character who seems unnecessary, the performances from the cast are commendable. The production value, including animation and set designs, is high-quality and visually pleasing. The soundtrack adds another layer of depth to the storytelling and builds a captivating atmosphere. This show appeals to those who appreciate complex narratives that require active engagement and critical thinking. While it can be viewed as a stand-alone, the desire for a second season is strong.

  • LivelyCameron43

    Overall 7.5

    Story 8.5Acting 8Music 7Rewatch Value 6

    Tencent's adaptation of the first book of Liu Cixin's acclaimed sci-fi trilogy is a mind-bending exploration of humanity's place in the universe. While the narrative is concept-driven and lacks depth in terms of characters and plot, this drama adaptation successfully fleshes out these aspects while staying faithful to the original work.

    The story centers around the mysterious deaths of leading scientists worldwide and the connection to an ominous countdown and a virtual reality game developed by a secret organization. When nano-scientist Wang Miao gets involved in...

    the murder investigation, he teams up with an irreverent cop and the mother of one of the victims to unravel a conspiracy with existential implications.

    The drama does an excellent job of bringing the main characters to life, with veteran actors skillfully portraying their complex journeys. However, some supporting roles fall short due to poorly written characters and lackluster performances. Additionally, the production relies too heavily on exposition, often over-explaining the sci-fi elements and dampening the pacing.

    Despite these flaws, the drama's high production values and visually engaging portrayal of the story's bleak tone are noteworthy. The penultimate episode stands out as the most thrilling and epic, while the overall ending remains faithful to the original novel. Overall, this adaptation is a good choice for viewers seeking a thought-provoking exploration of history, philosophy, math, and physics within the context of speculative hard science fiction.

  • calmdwayne

    Overall 9

    Story 10Acting 8Music 8Rewatch Value 10

    This show is seriously amazing, guys! If you're into physics, astronomy, math, and theories, you'll totally geek out over all the cool stuff they incorporate into the story. I can't vouch for the novel it's based on, but man, the show is impressive. They touch on questions that have been raised before, some that are still being debated, and some that are actually proven. Plus, there are things that are mathematically possible and even things that have been observed in real life. It's mind-blowing!

    And it's...

    not just the science stuff that's awesome. They also tackle some deep philosophical questions that have been asked countless times in the past, as well as some that are relevant to recent times. The way they manage to blend all these different perspectives into one cohesive story is mind-boggling. I've honestly never seen anything quite like it. Most sci-fi shows tend to simplify things for the audience, but this one goes above and beyond. It's truly out-of-this-world.

    Oh, and can we talk about the animation? It's seriously top-notch. They combine two different styles of art, and it's just stunning to see. Some people might criticize the way the animated characters move, but honestly, that was intentional. It totally captures that "game feel." And each episode feels like watching a full-on movie. You can tell they put a lot of effort and money into this show. It's not at all half-baked. The quality remains consistent throughout every episode.

    I cannot stress enough how highly I recommend this series. Trust me, you won't regret it!

  • hotkoala98

    Overall 5.5

    Story 4.5Acting 9Music 9Rewatch Value 1

    Alright, so here's the deal with this TV series that I recently watched. First things first, I gotta warn you: spoilers ahead! So, if you're planning on watching it, maybe skip this review for now.

    Now, let's get into it. The main issue with this series is its sci-fi plot, or should I say lack thereof? It's clear that the plot follows closely the book it's based on, which also suffers from being uneven and poorly constructed. The book and the series are packed with interesting...

    ideas and scientific concepts, but the execution falls short. The author just couldn't properly develop their ideas and material, resulting in a flimsy plot that requires a ton of special effects and complicated explanations to make any sense.

    The sci-fi part revolves around this imaginary planet called Trisolar, where the inhabitants have a non-linear civilization. Basically, their planet gets destroyed and reborn in a continuous cycle, which is actually a fascinating concept. However, everything else that happens in the story takes place on Earth and could have been explained in many different ways. We've got a cult that believes aliens are coming to invade, thanks to the ideas of a disturbed scientist. There are suicides, murders, and strange phenomena that mess with the scientists' minds. Plus, there's a badass cop trying to solve the mysterious deaths using unconventional methods. All these elements could have made for an engaging and suspenseful plot without relying on confusing pseudo-scientific explanations that jumble everything up. They throw in everything from alien life to environmental destruction to particle accelerators. It's a mishmash, really.

    And here's the kicker. The whole Trisolar planet storyline turns out to be nothing more than assumptions made by the characters in the book, presented as a virtual reality (VR) game. There's no concrete support or realism to back it up. It all rests on the claims of a mentally unstable female scientist, who claims that just four messages are the basis for this messy plot. The messages go like this: Earth sends a message into space, hoping to make contact with other civilizations. The alien civilization replies with a threatening message, saying they're coming to conquer us. The disturbed scientist then responds, inviting them to conquer Earth because apparently, we can't solve our own problems. And finally, the aliens reply, saying they'll be here in a few Earth years, destroying our scientific progress along the way. Their reasoning? They see us as insignificant bugs. Yeah, don't ask me how both civilizations reached these conclusions because it's not explained. Nor is it explained how Earth managed to gather information about Trisolar or how the Trisolarians determined Earth was suitable for them based on this correspondence. It's all just a mess.

    So, basically, the problem with this whole sci-fi plot is that there isn't really any sci-fi plot. It all boils down to some aliens coming to conquer Earth, and that's about it. The only redeeming qualities of this series are its high production value, some great acting, and a few touching scenes with the actress who plays Ye Wen Jie. There's also some light criticism thrown at the Chinese Cultural Revolution, although it feels quite tame, probably to avoid offending certain individuals (looking at you, Zi Xiping). I could go on and on about the plot holes and the disappointing final episodes, but honestly, it's just not worth it. The sci-fi plot is practically nonexistent, and the VR game we're forced to watch through the players' eyes is boring as hell and the CGI is subpar. This whole thing didn't convince me to invest in the equipment needed to play it. Overall, it's a big pass from me for this concept.

  • SadChimpanzee31

    Overall 9

    Story 9.5Acting 10Music 10Rewatch Value 5

    This scifi series is an absolute must-watch for any fan of the genre! Trust me, I was hooked from the get-go. Now, I have to admit, having read the book beforehand, I found the early episodes slightly repetitive and slow compared to the smooth delivery of concepts in the original story. But hey, that's really the only downside to this whole show. And let's be real, I could nitpick a bunch of silly TV innovations in the final episodes, but truthfully, I enjoyed them too....

    They added some fun and action to spice things up. I mean, who doesn't love a little craziness, right? Especially when it involves bringing back life and civilization after a long time. The excitement is real!

    But let's talk about the major positives here. This is hands down the best scifi show I've seen in ages. Seriously, I had given up on scifi television because the quality just wasn't there anymore. Hollywood lost its touch, and no one else seemed to have the budget or ambition to try something big. But guess who came to the rescue? China, of all places! And they even managed to pass censorship. That's like a miracle in itself!

    But let's focus on the good stuff. The production values are top-notch. The visual effects, especially when they happen in the game world, are mind-blowing. And let's not forget about the fantastic original soundtrack and stunning non-CGI visuals. They really nailed it. And of course, the main actors deliver more than just commendable performances. They bring these characters to life in the best way possible.

    Now, let's address the elephant in the room. Yes, this adaptation isn't perfect. However, if we compare it to the Lord of the Rings films, it's actually more faithful to the original source material. Just putting things into perspective here. Now, if we wanted to get all political about it, there are some legitimate points that others have brought up. But honestly, when it comes to enjoying scifi, can we ever watch anything without some kind of controversy? Let's just sit back, relax, and immerse ourselves in this incredible series that has managed to capture the essence of the book in such an entertaining way. Trust me, you won't regret it!