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The narrative revolves around a sinister ring, steeped in a malevolent curse and bound to a skeletal specter. This ring harbors formidable abilities that manipulate its owners, compelling them toward wicked deeds. At the heart of the story is an innocent and generous soul, a woman who becomes the latest target of the ring's corrupting influence. Her vulnerability is juxtaposed against the steadfast determination of a protector, a man committed to safeguarding her against the looming threat posed by the cursed artifact.

As the tale unfolds, this woman must navigate the perils that come with the cursed object, while her guardian employs his might and wit in an unyielding effort to thwart the advances of the baleful presence that relentlessly seeks to claim her purity. This dangerous dance is a test of wills, pitting innocence against the seductive pull of darkness, with high stakes that underscore the potency of the ancient curse at play.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 21 Apr 19, 2024
Episode 20 Apr 17, 2024
Episode 19 Apr 17, 2024
Episode 18 Apr 17, 2024
Episode 17 Apr 17, 2024
Episode 16 Apr 12, 2024
Episode 15 Apr 10, 2024
Episode 14 Apr 09, 2024
Episode 13 Apr 08, 2024
Episode 12 Apr 05, 2024
Episode 11 Apr 04, 2024
Episode 10 Apr 03, 2024
Episode 09 Apr 03, 2024
Episode 08 Apr 01, 2024
Episode 07 Mar 29, 2024
Episode 06 Mar 28, 2024
Episode 05 Mar 28, 2024
Episode 04 Mar 26, 2024
Episode 03 Mar 25, 2024
Episode 02 Mar 24, 2024
Episode 01 Mar 21, 2024

What people are saying

  • SilentViola

    Overall 5.5

    Story 5Acting 6Music 6Rewatch Value 5.5

    I have some mixed feelings about this drama series. Let's address the negatives first. One major issue is how overly predictable and repetitive the storyline becomes. The characters' recurring visits to a particular cave, only to be constantly interrupted by the villain, who repeatedly regains her strength, can feel tiresome. It's like a never-ending cycle of confrontations and retreats, making you wish they would just deal with the situation decisively.

    Furthermore, the constant sacrifices made by naive characters who venture into the dangerous cave to provide...

    blood for the villain's empowerment become frustrating. You'd think they would have learned their lesson after the first few casualties and sealed off the area to prevent further tragedies. However, the convenience of the plot prevails, allowing the hazardous cycle to continue.

    The final episode's reliance on a flashback-heavy exposition feels like a rushed attempt to tie up loose ends. Instead of gradually revealing crucial information throughout the series to build up the villain's eventual change of heart, it all gets dumped on the audience in one go. This abrupt transformation feels unearned and undermines the complexity of the character development.

    The portrayal of the supposedly virtuous monk as an instigator adds another layer of disappointment. His withholding of vital information while the protagonists struggle against the villain's schemes raises questions about his true intentions. It's frustrating to see a character with the power to avert so much conflict choose to remain passive.

    The antagonist's delusional obsession with believing the main character loves her, despite her own manipulative actions, comes across as a weak justification for her villainy. A more compelling narrative could have been crafted by portraying her as knowingly disregarding the main character's feelings, embracing her darker nature wholeheartedly.

    On a more positive note, the opening song turned out to be a catchy tune that grew on me over time. Despite its shortcomings, the story had potential, but the execution fell short due to its repetitive nature and lack of fresh ideas. The performances of Bua and Ben stood out, with the rest of the cast sometimes fading into the background. Even the lead actor's portrayal felt somewhat rigid, detracting from the overall impact.

    The subplot involving the secondary couple added a touch of charm to the series, albeit with elements of bickering and comedy that didn't always resonate with me. Fon's character came across as overly loud and lacking depth, contributing to my overall lukewarm impression of the show. In conclusion, this series left me feeling indifferent, and I doubt I'd revisit it unless prompted by a compelling reason.

  • dullrobert

    Overall 5.5

    Story 5Acting 7Music 5Rewatch Value 4.5

    This series struggles to bring anything fresh or innovative to the table. The storyline revolves around a ghost seeking revenge on the reincarnations of her past love and her love rival, despite being the cause of her own tragic demise in a previous life. This rehashed concept has been explored in numerous Thai dramas before, and unfortunately, this series fails to offer a unique take on it.

    The portrayal of the ghost character constantly playing the victim, despite being the architect of her own misfortune, quickly...

    becomes tiresome. The lackluster CGI and special effects do little to enhance the viewing experience, leaving much to be desired in terms of creativity and originality.

    The characters in the series lack depth and fail to resonate with the audience. Their actions feel predictable, with their motivations and personalities barely scratching the surface. The narrative meanders aimlessly without any significant twists or impactful events, dragging out the storyline unnecessarily.

    One redeeming quality of the series is Benz's stellar performance as the vengeful ghost, injecting some much-needed energy into an otherwise lackluster show. However, even her compelling portrayal cannot salvage the predictable and underwhelming ending, which conveniently rushes to a contrived resolution without much thought or nuance.

    While Benz's acting may be worth a watch, there is little else that this series has to offer in terms of originality or substance.