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In this gripping drama, a young orphaned girl finds herself in a precarious and troubling situation after the death of the man who took her in. Raised as a sister to his biological child, she eventually realizes that her guardian's intentions are far from familial. As her awareness of his unsettling romantic fixation grows, she becomes desperate to escape his claustrophobic presence and the constant surveillance that entraps her in a life filled with unease and trauma. The narrative unpacks her efforts to flee from the grasp of her obsessively controlling caretaker and the emotional turmoil she endures. The story raises the question of whether she can successfully extricate herself from his perverse shadow and begin to heal from her harrowing experiences. The dark undertones of the series evoke a sense of urgency and sympathy, leaving viewers to ponder the fate of this resilient young woman.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 01 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 02 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 03 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 04 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 05 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 06 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 07 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 08 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 09 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 10 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 11 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 12 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 13 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 14 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 15 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 16 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 17 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 18 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 19 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 20 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 21 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 22 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 23 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 24 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 25 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 26 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 27 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 28 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 29 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 30 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 31 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 32 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 33 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 34 Jan 19, 2024
Episode 35END Jan 19, 2024

What people are saying

  • wisenotorious68

    Overall 6.5

    Story 6Acting 10Music 10Rewatch Value 1

    The conclusion veered distinctively from its cinematic predecessor, diverging in a way that left me yearning for the original's poignancy specifically for Rungrong's arc. The alternative resolutions crafted for the ensemble were acceptable, blending in well with the overarching narrative. Central to the plot is the unraveling psyche of a woman, who, through a trajectory marked by escalating instability, reveals a formidable yet fractured spirit. The series painstakingly unravels the tattered tapestry of her history bit by bit, illustrating the tragic molding of her current...


    Her descent manifests in her inadvertently wounding the very soul she holds dearest, under the misguided belief that her actions serve their best interest. This intense character study might have resonated deeper had it not been confined to the portrayal of a woman embroiled in the throes of obsession and chaos. An attempt was made to elevate this portrayal; however, it fell short of convincing, at least from my viewpoint.

    The denouement found in the concluding chapters manages to weave previous threads into a coherent whole. I find myself adjusting my initial impression, which was swayed by earlier events within the tale. The finality they chose to embrace walks a fine line between satisfaction and mild discontentment within me. It's neither overwhelmingly powerful nor disappointing—it simply exists in a realm of tepid acceptance.

    The performance delivered by the lead actress, Cris, was undeniably outstanding—she inhabited the character with a fervor that rightfully dominates the screen. Meanwhile, Zani imbues the soundtrack with her customary magic, layering emotional depth through her interpretation, which resonates with Rungrong's journey. The lyrics in particular poignantly capture the essence of the protagonist's inner turmoil. Overall, the collective effort of the cast shines brightly, elevating the material with their commendable skills.

  • SmoothRaccoon9

    Overall 8

    Story 8Acting 8.5Music 7.5Rewatch Value 3

    Fading Euphoria in the Final Chapters

    Despite the letdown I experienced as this drama approached its finale, I couldn't resist awarding it an admirable eight for its captivating plot. The narrative revolves around an obsessively protective older sister and her relationship with her adopted younger sibling, the latter's blossoming romantic feelings causing a rift between them. As an enthusiast for strong female leads, I was drawn to the quartet of formidable women presented here. Each exhibited a steeliness of spirit, yet they were not immune to...

    their insecurities, their vulnerabilities flickering in the face of adversity.

    Parallel to these women were the male characters—a worldly, seasoned husband, alongside a resourceful bachelor—both adept in their endeavors to shield the principal character from her domineering sister's affections.

    Everything unfolded with promise until the crux of the story in later episodes, where the climactic confrontations ensued. Alas, the older sister's dialogue felt excessively laden with justification for her malevolence, a consequence of her own distressing encounters with the opposite sex. This attempt at depth fell short of the mark, denying viewers the seamless emotional bond with her character. Moreover, certain plot points failed to suspend disbelief, such as the sister's unnoticed concealment of a shard of glass despite an onlooking crowd, and an ex-husband's improbable intervention in a getaway pursuit, despite his supposed hospital confinement.

    It's with a heavy heart that I note how such critical moments faltered in their execution, relinquishing the series' grip on what had been, until then, an enthralling narrative journey.

  • fiercematthew36

    Overall 6

    Story 6Acting 9.5Music 9.5Rewatch Value 1

    I tenderly settled on a seven-star rating for this series, though with a tinge of hesitation, recognizing that it flirts with generosity. The cast is the pièce de résistance, for without their compelling performances, the series would be noticeably diminished in quality.

    The narrative is an adrenaline-fueled juggernaut, bristling with ceaseless action and preventing any semblance of boredom. However, the frenzied succession of events can feel overwhelming, making it challenging for one to fully assimilate the storyline. Even when the plot attempts to luxuriate in a...

    single occurrence, a myriad of "plot twists" inevitably spiral out, each clamoring for attention.

    My grievances further extend to the series' tendency to romanticize objectionable behaviors, skillfully veiled under an alluring facade of 'adorable' interludes. It appears that the writers arm-twist the viewer into a quick forgiveness cycle, where misdeeds are swiftly counterbalanced by the strategic allotment of sympathy for those at fault in the subsequent chapter.

    Despite these critiques, the soundtrack is a standout delight; harmonizing exquisitely with the on-screen drama. Additionally, the portrayal of characters is executed with such fervor, that one cannot help but cultivate strong sentiments – of both adoration and contempt – towards them.

    In summation, individuals of a resilient disposition and those enamored with the actors’ talent may find this series a commendable pick. It’s a tempestuous ride, yet amidst the cacophony of its unfolding events, I found myself thoroughly immersed and entertained.

  • grumpyzheng38

    Overall 3

    Story 1Acting 9.5Music 2.5Rewatch Value 1

    Please be aware that this review might reveal key plot elements
    The series in question presents a portrayal of LGBTQ+ relationships which has drawn sharp criticism for potentially aligning with conservative views. Central to this critique is the notion that same-sex attraction within the narrative is inextricably linked with sexual trauma, an argument that suggests a regressive and damaging perspective on LGBTQ+ relationships. The show's protagonist is depicted as rejecting her adopted sister's female love interest, denouncing it as abnormal and deviant.

    While it is true...

    that no community is devoid of complexity and diversity, the framing in this series is troubling. It seems to echo outdated and harmful ideologies that paint such relationships as inherently troubled or dysfunctional. The main character's journey, concluding with her union with a male character, is seen by some as a reaffirmation of these misguided principles.

    Despite this, one cannot dismiss the skillful performances delivered by the ensemble cast. Their capability in bringing the characters to life does warrant recognition. Nonetheless, the overarching narrative and thematic underpinnings cast a shadow over the execution, resulting in a series that has been met with significant disappointment. For those within the LGBTQ+ community seeking representation that is both progressive and affirming, this program has unfortunately fallen short of those aspirations. It's advised that those looking for a positive and authentic portrayal of lesbian relationships may want to steer clear of this contentious series.