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In this captivating espionage drama, a stealth task force, dubbed the "tigers," embark on a clandestine operation to dismantle the corrupt empire of a local tycoon who holds sway over a quaint hamlet. To the unsuspecting public, this magnate presents himself as a charitable figure, but underneath his charitable facade lies a web of illicit operations.

To counteract this threat, a quartet of highly skilled individuals is enlisted from across the nation to execute the covert Golden Bull operation. Each agent assumes an innocuous identity within the community to blend in and gather intelligence without arousing suspicion. One becomes a worker on the railways, another takes to the seas as a sailor aboard a passenger liner, the third hides in plain sight as a celebrated traditional theater performer, and the last takes on the role of a humorist, making light of daily struggles.

Despite their careful planning and prowess, they are met with formidable resistance from the tycoon's formidable lieutenant and his trio of wives, each one as cunning and formidable as the next. Personal challenges also threaten to compromise their mission, as two of the operatives find themselves ensnared in romantic entanglements, one with a principled policewoman— the progeny of the village chief— and the other with the tycoon's own daughter, creating intense internal conflicts between duty and desire.

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Episode 18 Feb 20, 2024
Episode 17 Feb 19, 2024
Episode 16 Feb 18, 2024
Episode 15 Feb 16, 2024
Episode 14 Feb 14, 2024
Episode 13 Feb 05, 2024
Episode 12 Feb 02, 2024
Episode 11 Jan 31, 2024
Episode 10 Jan 30, 2024
Episode 09 Jan 27, 2024
Episode 08 Jan 25, 2024
Episode 07 Jan 23, 2024
Episode 06 Jan 21, 2024
Episode 05 Jan 17, 2024
Episode 04 Jan 11, 2024
Episode 03 Jan 11, 2024
Episode 02 Jan 07, 2024
Episode 01 Jan 07, 2024