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In a remote village fraught with a curious epidemic, children begin to manifest peculiar snake-like scales on their skin, sparking both fear and fascination. This extraordinary condition captures the attention of a dedicated researcher, Dr. Benedict, whose determination to uncover the truth behind the affliction leads him to delve deep into the unknown. To assist in documenting this medical enigma, a talented medical illustrator named Asia is recruited, her precision and attention to detail proving invaluable to the investigation.

As the duo navigates the intricacies of this medical mystery, they cross paths with Phumkhaobin, a charismatic individual with an air of enigma, who also happens to be the younger sibling of Asia's acquaintance, Pheka. The convergence of their lives marks the beginning of a journey none of them anticipated, intertwining their destinies with an ancient village legend steeped in the veneration of serpentine deities.

Asia's role in the research soon evolves beyond the professional realm, as she becomes entangled in the tapestry of legend and reality. The mysteries of the disease, the village's cryptic customs, and the enigmatic Phumkhaobin coalesce into an adventure that reveals that the ties between myth and modernity are closer than they appear. As they unravel the layers of this peculiar case, the trio must confront questions of science, belief, and the complexities of the human heart.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 18 May 17, 2024
Episode 17 May 17, 2024
Episode 16 May 16, 2024
Episode 15 May 14, 2024
Episode 14 May 13, 2024
Episode 13 May 10, 2024
Episode 12 May 08, 2024
Episode 11 May 07, 2024
Episode 10 May 07, 2024
Episode 09 May 04, 2024
Episode 08 May 02, 2024
Episode 07 May 02, 2024
Episode 06 Apr 30, 2024
Episode 05 Apr 30, 2024
Episode 04 Apr 26, 2024
Episode 03 Apr 26, 2024
Episode 02 Apr 25, 2024
Episode 01 Apr 24, 2024

What people are saying

  • sweetotter

    Overall 8

    Story 8.5Acting 8Music 5.5Rewatch Value 7.5

    This review delves into the essence of a captivating series, intriguing yet flawed. The narrative unfolds in a compelling manner, drawing viewers into a world filled with twists and turns. However, the musical accompaniment falls short of enhancing the viewing experience. While some episodes may lag, they do not detract significantly from the overall quality of the show. The CGI effects, while amusing at times, manage to add a layer of awe to crucial scenes, particularly those depicting intense sibling rivalry in their mystical guises....

    Of course, no melodrama would be complete without its share of irksome characters, typically embodied by the female and male leads. The untimely demise of a beloved character leaves a bittersweet aftertaste, eliciting emotional cries of disbelief from dedicated fans. Despite its imperfections, the series remains a worthy investment of one's time. On a lighter note, the poignancy of certain scenes is marred by an ill-fitting soundtrack that inadvertently transforms solemn moments into merry sing-alongs, much to the bewilderment of the audience.

  • HotHippopotamus8

    Overall 8

    Story 7.5Acting 8.5Music 9Rewatch Value 7

    Despite its imperfections, this series provided a decent and enjoyable watch for me. The portrayal of the antagonist by the lead actor was truly remarkable. In the initial episodes, FL might test your patience, but her character development is worth the wait. The narrative revolving around the Panom Naka family, particularly the mother, nurse, and younger sibling, was a highlight for me.

    The fight sequences were executed brilliantly, and the special effects, especially for the payanaks, were impressive. The intricate crowns worn by the payanaks added...

    a nice touch to their appearance. While there were scenes featuring snakes in some episodes, they were done in a way that was manageable, even for someone who fears them.

    The series boasts some visually stunning moments that would easily earn it a nomination for the most beautiful scenes in a drama from that region. However, the writing did have its shortcomings, diminishing the overall potential of the show. At times, you may find yourself questioning certain character choices and plot developments, which could be slightly frustrating. Eventually, I decided to embrace these elements as part of the storytelling convenience, even if they may not always make perfect sense.

    While I can see why some viewers might opt to discontinue watching due to these aspects, I personally found the engaging parts compelling enough to stay invested until the end. Admittedly, I have abandoned several series in the past, even with just a few episodes remaining, but this one managed to keep me hooked with its positives outweighing the negatives.

  • tinysquid24

    Overall 8

    Story 9Acting 8Music 7Rewatch Value 5

    Diving into a world where faith and love transcend boundaries brings a unique and refreshing twist to this series. Departing from the traditional Thai drama norms of violence and melodrama, this show explores the captivating tale of interspecies love between two naga beings.

    The special effects portraying the magical battles between the two naga brothers were a definite highlight, with the stunning visuals and fantastical elements adding a layer of excitement. The transformation of the characters from humans to formidable snake creatures was both thrilling and...

    visually impressive.

    While the lead actress delivered a decent performance, it was the portrayal of the master of the naga legend that truly shone. His convincing depiction of unrequited love and unwavering loyalty added depth to the story, making him a standout character.

    The antagonist, a conniving second master of the naga legend, brought a compelling twist to the narrative with his relentless pursuit to separate the lovers across centuries. The supporting characters, from loyal servants to scheming villains, added richness to the storyline and kept the audience engaged.

    Despite some pacing issues and unnecessary romantic subplots, the series skillfully weaved themes of sacrifice, loyalty, and the power of love throughout. The satisfying conclusion, where the seemingly impossible becomes reality through the unwavering love and faith of the characters, ties up the storyline beautifully.

    Overall, while the show could have been more concise in certain parts, its innovative concept and heartfelt performances make it a worthwhile watch for fans of fantasy and romance genres. The unexpected twists and turns, coupled with the message of hope and redemption, make this series a standout in its genre.