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A scientific-minded doctor sets out with his team on an expedition to a tradition-steeped village with the intent to debunk tales of the supernatural. During his stay, he becomes enamored with a local woman who has frequently appeared to him in dreams even before their actual meeting.

This enigmatic village, nestled beside the storied Mekong River, harbors a deeply held belief among its inhabitants in the presence of otherworldly spirits and gods lurking in its depths, beliefs the doctor finds himself at odds with. However, unbeknownst to him, these legends carry a shred of truth, as an ancient spirit, once a princess consumed by a thirst for vengeance, dwells beneath the waters, her spirit intertwined with the doctor's own past life.

In a previous incarnation, the doctor had journeyed to this realm to wed the princess. She was immediately taken by his presence, her heart irrevocably entwined with his. Her betrothed, however, seeking a spiritual path, requested a delay in their union to pursue a monastic life. While she consented, a fateful encounter would unravel their destinies - catching her future husband in a misleading yet tender moment with her dear sister, igniting a fury that would transcend time.

Blinded by her sense of betrayal, the princess unleashed a curse upon the pair before succumbing to her own darkness, her once-radiant beauty giving way to a malevolent spirit that has since plagued the local populace.

As fate would have it, the present-day woman whom the doctor is drawn to stumbles upon a mysterious egg along the river's edge, an appetite stirred within her to consume it. Ingesting the egg, she becomes a conduit for the ancient princess, now an imposing queen - the Mother of the Mekong - whose yearning for vengeance has never waned.

Vanishing after the possession, she later returns with a newfound ominous presence, as the vengeful queen embarks on a sinister spree, claiming the lives of the village's young women to fuel her strength. No spiritual rituals nor modern technology could break the powerful curse now gripping the village.

Only the pure, undying love shared between the doctor and his dream woman has the potential to reach the tormented heart of the entity that once was royalty. Their bond may be the key to soothing the eternal wrath that has ensnared both the village and the souls linked by a past betrayal.

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Episode 24 Apr 17, 2024
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