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Drama, Romance


In this captivating TV series, we are introduced to a woman named Daracha. At 35 years old, she leads a peaceful life with a predictable routine and has yet to find love after a failed relationship. However, everything changes when a young man named Wayu enters her world. Despite their glaring differences, Daracha and Wayu fall deeply in love and find true happiness together.

Unfortunately, their unconventional romance sparks disapproval from those around Daracha. The reason for their concern becomes clear – Wayu is a free-spirited individual who doesn't conform to the norms of a typical nine-to-five job or societal expectations. He lives for the moment, without making long-term plans or addressing challenges promptly.

As the stark contrasting nature of their personalities becomes more apparent, doubts and uncertainty begin to creep into Wayu's mind. These feelings intensify when Daracha's first love, Songwat, makes a sudden reappearance in their lives. Now, Daracha must face a pivotal decision regarding their future.

Don't miss this captivating tale adapted from W. Winitchaikul's novel "The Wind Blows Through the Stars" (ลมพัดผ่านดาว). Journey alongside Daracha as she navigates through the complexities of love and confronts the challenges that threaten to alter the course of their relationship forever.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 12 Dec 03, 2023
Episode 11 Nov 30, 2023
Episode 10 Nov 20, 2023
Episode 09 Nov 19, 2023
Episode 08 Nov 05, 2023
Episode 07 Nov 02, 2023
Episode 06 Oct 31, 2023
Episode 05 Oct 29, 2023
Episode 04 Sep 24, 2023
Episode 03 Sep 21, 2023
Episode 02 Sep 14, 2023
Episode 01 Sep 12, 2023