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An overweight and adorable young woman named Phing tragically loses her life due to a treacherous plot hatched by Foei and Nisa. Their plan involves Foei seducing and marrying Phing solely for her substantial fortune. However, the twist is that Phing's journey doesn't end in death; she miraculously comes back to life. Determined to seek vengeance, she undergoes a remarkable transformation and becomes a slim and stunning woman. This new appearance empowers her to exact revenge on her deceitful assailants. Meanwhile, Cho, a kind-hearted man and the son of a noodle shop owner, harbors secret affections for Phing. However, he never mustered the courage to confess his feelings to her before her untimely demise. Overwhelmed with grief for not expressing his emotions, Cho vows to seize any future opportunity for love and readily declare his affection. Just as fate would have it, he encounters a woman named May, and his chance for love reemerges.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 01 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 02 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 03 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 04 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 05 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 06 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 07 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 08 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 09 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 10 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 11 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 12 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 13 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 14 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 15 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 16 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 17 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 18 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 19 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 19 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 20 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 21 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 22 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 23 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 24END Nov 23, 2023

What people are saying

  • CrazyLim

    Overall 8

    Story 8Acting 9.5Music 10Rewatch Value 7

    So, I just finished binge-watching this really fun series that kept me hooked without dragging on. It's your typical revenge drama, but with a twist - the main character is all about acupuncture and herbal medicine, using them as her weapons of choice. Her name is Phing, and man, she's so likable. You can really feel her pain and anger when she gets conned and left for dead with her loved ones. I gotta say, I was completely absorbed in her mission for revenge.

    The best...

    part for me was watching the bad guys turn on each other while Phing sets up these clever traps. It's like poetic justice when you see them suffer, you know? Although I will admit, some of the characters got off a little too easily for what they did, but hey, the writers did their best with them in the episodes.

    Now, let's talk about that ending. It was so satisfying, like finally being able to take a deep breath after all the crap Phing went through and all the patronizing she faced along the way. A good story needs a main character that you can really invest in, and Phing definitely fits the bill. She's a fantastic MC, no doubt about it.

    Oh, and let's not forget about the supporting characters and the actors playing the bad guys. They brought their A-game, for sure. Art, Bee N, Victor, and Duangta all slayed their roles. So props to them for making the series even more enjoyable.

    Overall, it's a really fun watch with a captivating main character and an ending that brings a sense of relief. Plus, the supporting cast is impressive. Definitely worth checking out!