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Drama, Comedy, Romance


A cosmopolitan individual, fresh out of university abroad, finds himself entangled with a down-to-earth young woman who embraces a humble existence and has a deep affinity for pickled fish. Their connection is forged through an unexpected union when their respective parents marry. However, the woman harbors resentment towards her mother for abandoning her father in pursuit of a wealthy lifestyle, which ultimately led to his demise. As a result, the two protagonists set off on divergent paths as the woman's mother revels in a life of opulence.

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Episode 12 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 11 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 10 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 09 Dec 03, 2023
Episode 08 Dec 03, 2023
Episode 07 Dec 03, 2023
Episode 06 Nov 08, 2023
Episode 05 Nov 08, 2023
Episode 04 Nov 05, 2023
Episode 03 Nov 04, 2023
Episode 02 Nov 04, 2023
Episode 01 Nov 03, 2023

What people are saying

  • smoothvenus

    Overall 7

    Story 7Acting 9Music 7Rewatch Value 5

    This show starts off funny, but then it gets boring. The story begins in a humorous way, but I found the ending dragged on, with a lot of unnecessary dragging, especially after the protagonist's ex-wife appears. The ending itself is okay. However, I missed seeing a kiss! It was lacking in the plot and felt strange, it hindered the character development. In fact, I think the slow-paced dramatic part could have been lighter with better romantic scenes.

    Now, regarding what I read people commenting about, I...

    think those who accused the drama of being racist didn't really watch the drama. She and her friends try on various disguises so that she won't be recognized, but they conclude that the best one is pretending to be a "hillbilly" from northeastern Thailand. It's not just about darkening the skin and wearing a wig, she changes the way she speaks, her voice, and her entire posture. Of course, she doesn't fool anyone except the protagonist, but the new version of herself is funny and the best part of the drama. But there's no racial or ethnic reference in the show, in fact, the protagonist falls in love with this version of her.

  • oldaliens

    Overall 6

    Story 5Acting 7Music 5Rewatch Value 1

    This Thai drama follows the story of Woon, a country girl who lives with her father and helps run a small business selling fermented fish. Things take a turn when Athens, the owner of a food packaging company, comes to Woon's community seeking fish. After Woon's father passes away, her estranged mother returns and forces Woon to live with her in the city, alongside her new husband and stepson, who happens to be Athens. Woon refuses to publicly acknowledge their relationship and disguises herself to...

    work as a housemaid for Athens, while also trying to earn money to buy back the property her mother took from her. As Woon and Athens spend more time together, feelings start to develop, but complications arise when Athens' ex-wife appears.

    The acting performances in the drama were generally solid. Oil's portrayal of Athens was decent, with some moments of overacting, which is common in this genre. Mook, in her first acting role, did a satisfactory job as Woon, although the chemistry between her and Oil felt lacking in certain scenes. The supporting actors, particularly Kat and Nawut, had a more engaging romance, but it felt rushed due to the limited screen time. Pang's portrayal of Kat was enjoyable, and it would be great to see her in more prominent roles in the future.

    The music in the series was average, with no standout tracks. The opening and closing themes were unfortunately cropped out in the version the reviewer watched, but the remaining soundtrack remained consistent with the country theme of the lead character.

    Despite its simple storyline and initial appeal, the drama began to lose its charm when the ex-wife of Athens made an appearance. The plot became bloated and distracted from the main couple's differences and romantic development. Overall, while not the worst drama, it would benefit from a tighter narrative focus. The reviewer might consider revisiting certain scenes before the ex-wife's involvement, as those were more enjoyable.

  • GiantJaws32

    Overall 9

    Story 5Acting 10Music 1Rewatch Value 5

    Once upon a time, I stumbled upon an intriguing TV series. I have to admit, the first few episodes left me feeling quite bored. However, a hunch told me to persevere, assuring me that it would all be worth it in the end. Trusting my instincts, I embarked on a journey through every single episode, and boy, was I proven right.

    The series took its time to unfold, rewarding my patience as the story gradually unraveled. As I invested my time and attention, I couldn't help...

    but develop a fondness for the supporting characters. Kat and Nawut, in particular, caught my eye. Their on-screen chemistry was undeniable, leaving me yearning for more. I couldn't help but daydream about them starring together in a dramatic love story. Oh, the potential they held!

    Although their relationship felt rushed at times, the overall fun and humor of the series more than made up for it. If you have a penchant for comedy, this is definitely the show for you. So, gather your snacks, settle in, and prepare to be thoroughly entertained. Trust me, it's worth the watch.