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In the scandalous tale centered around a close-knit circle of friends, the unveiling of an intimate secret at the nuptials of a woman sets off a chain of drama and devastation. Stricken with shame from the unexpected leak during her most cherished moment, the bride-to-be contemplates taking her own life, leaving those closest to her reeling from the events.

As the mystery of the leak unfurls, one friend from the group takes on the role of detective, seeking to uncover the betrayer amongst them. Her investigation requires her to delve into the complex web of the bride's past, particularly an old flame, which in turn sheds light on the increasingly murky dynamics within their group.

Complicating matters, one of the women is caught in a forbidden tryst with another’s partner. Meanwhile, another member of the group is tangled in a web of blackmail, the devious orchestrator exploiting intimate footage for his own gain – an action that unknowingly involves the new boyfriend of her own mother.

Adding to the intrigue is a woman who presents herself as the epitome of virtue and traditional values; yet she is clandestinely involved with a married man of considerable influence. This affair is far from a secret to some, as the devoted wife of her paramour, along with a close relative, scrutinizes her every move.

The tapestry of relationships is further complicated by a woman shrouded in enigma, who may possess pivotal information that could bring clarity to the chaos that has erupted among the friends.

The enchanting, yet perilous journey through their interpersonal labyrinth mirrors that of the intricate flower maze referenced in the original novel that inspired this dramatic saga. As the bonds of friendship are tested and secrets continue to surface, the true nature of each individual within this circle is revealed, painting a portrait of love, betrayal, and the complexity of human connections.

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Episode 17 Feb 18, 2024
Episode 16 Feb 16, 2024
Episode 15 Feb 16, 2024
Episode 14 Feb 13, 2024
Episode 13 Feb 13, 2024
Episode 12 Feb 09, 2024
Episode 11 Feb 06, 2024
Episode 10 Feb 06, 2024
Episode 09 Feb 03, 2024
Episode 08 Feb 02, 2024
Episode 07 Jan 31, 2024
Episode 06 Jan 29, 2024
Episode 05 Jan 27, 2024
Episode 04 Jan 26, 2024
Episode 03 Jan 25, 2024
Episode 02 Jan 23, 2024
Episode 01 Jan 21, 2024

What people are saying

  • fierceraccoon

    Overall 8.5

    Story 8Acting 8.5Music 8Rewatch Value 7

    In the murky realms of serialized dramas, a particular series weaves a tapestry of intrigue and enigma, ensnared within a genre marked by shadowy plotlines and whodunits. Its tapestry is rich and complex, though it admittedly doesn't usually align with my personal taste for storytelling. However, I must tip my hat to the creators, for their adept crafting of a tale that effectively ensnares the viewer, despite its inherent darkness.

    Within this twisted narrative landscape, there exists a glimmer of tenderness, notably in the form of...

    a same-sex couple whose chemistry provides a much-needed reprieve from the central grim acts. Their relationship, though a subplot, blooms with a sincerity that is as refreshing as it is rare, in the context of such a brooding main story. Nonetheless, there remains a yearning for more from these characters — more screentime, more depth, more of their story unveiled. For those who resonate with their bond, the characters grace the screen at particular intervals, offering moments of solace amidst the chaos. Highlights of their journey can be primarily found scattered across episodes, with some being notably poignant and others serving as heartfelt bookmarks in their unfolding narrative.

    Caution is advised for those who embark on this series; it traverses through an array of sensitive and potentially distressing themes. Viewers should be vigilant and heed content warnings, with the understanding that the show can venture into areas that may provoke discomfort or emotional reactions. For those who wish to circumvent the heavy tides of the main story and seek refuge in the tender subplot, timestamps can be your guiding stars, drawing you to the parts of the tale where light finds a way to break through the darkness.

  • SadCameron73

    Overall 9

    Story 9.5Acting 9.5Music 8.5Rewatch Value 9

    This captivating series expertly weaves a narrative web that ensnares its audience, keeping them in suspense right through to its climactic finish. It all begins with a group of friends caught in the middle of a scandal—a leaked sex tape that surfaces during the festive chaos of nuptial celebrations. However, to reduce the intricacy of the plot to merely figuring out the identity of the person responsible for the public display of private indiscretions during the matrimonial affair would not do justice to the depth...

    of this storyline.

    A poignant line early in the series ominously hints at the tumultuous journey ahead: "You all did this to yourselves." This cryptic proclamation sets the tone for a series-long exploration of the moral intricacies of secrecy and self-interest. As the intricate narrative unfolds, it becomes evident that casting anyone in the role of the outright antagonist is a challenge. Characters are painted with shades of gray, their actions influenced by their desire for self-preservation and their own complex motives.

    Take, for example, a character who at first glance presents as a particularly grating and disagreeable individual. As the story progresses, they manage to claw back some semblance of sympathy by demonstrating personal growth and emotional depth within the dynamics of a budding romance.

    Spanning a considerable number of episodes, the series may seem a marathon at first, but be assured there is no dawdling in storytelling here. Instead, with each installment, the audience is fed just enough information to bring them one step closer to the truth, assembling the intricate puzzle piece by piece. And just when viewers believe they have a grip on the narrative's direction, the plot throws another curveball, a fresh betrayal, ensuring that complacency remains at bay.

    For those seeking the full breadth of the analysis, the review can be found in its entirety at the provided link.

  • JollyDenzel

    Overall 9

    Story 10Acting 9Music 7Rewatch Value 10

    Be aware that the following article may reveal key plot elements
    If prickly personas aren't your cup of tea, then you best steer clear because this series isn't pulling any punches. Now, from one die-hard Pretty Little Liars enthusiast to another, I confess some skepticism initially brushed aside upon realizing that this series, though reminiscent of our beloved PLL, carves out its own thrilling, mature niche with murder, treachery, and all the juicy secrets you could hope for.

    Adaptations inevitably take liberties, and while I...

    can't speak for the authenticity of the series compared to its original Thai novel (apologies, bookworms), the alterations serve this screen version well.

    Zeroing in on the performances, the ensemble cast either shines brightly or simmers with subtle intensity, each character crafted with layers that demand attention. Prae/Pantiwa, for instance, while well-intentioned, muddles her defense of friends with questionable choices—a commendable performance that sways your emotions decisively. Meen/Meena, inflicted with past and present pain, may draw your sympathies, but with edges that sharply cut through any sense of innocence.

    Tidawan's depiction is where psychopath meets protective sibling. A dichotomy performed so convincingly, it's a testament to the actor's prowess. Maytacha's journey from denial to a more profound, relatable wisdom resonates with a sudden warmth that's polish-perfect for the character. As for Saras, get ready for a veritable journey—one minute you're rooting for her, the next, you're recoiling from her more controversial choices.

    On the other side of the spectrum, we have characters like Chanon who embody growth, though not without their share of faults. The dynamic pairings—such as that of Khun and Pu—add layers to an already intricate story, and the wait for the soundtrack is as suspenseful as the series itself, each track augmenting the twists and turns with auditory precision.

    In terms of revisits, it’s a solid "worth another watch". Friendships are put to the test, and your detective hat might come in handy as you piece together the puzzle.

    Summing up, despite a few narrative gaps that don’t detract from the larger picture, this series nails the landing. It’s a veritable rollercoaster of intricate character dynamics, one that’ll have you formulating theories until the very end. Missing it already.

  • smartlim

    Overall 10

    Story 10Acting 10Music 10Rewatch Value 10

    The wonder and excitement woven into the fabric of this Thai series are palpable in every suspense-filled moment, making it a must-watch for aficionados of the genre. The anticipation for this show was palpable amongst its fans, and now that it has graced our screens, the wait seems to have been a worthwhile vestige of patience.

    The series provides an escape, a burst of exhilarating entertainment that has been long anticipated. Although the longing for its arrival was tinged with a touch of impatience, its timing...

    now seems almost serendipitous, creating a perfect opportunity for reflection and engagement with its content, an aspect I personally look forward to with each new episode.

    The performances delivered by the Thai actors within this series deserve a cascade of accolades. They have poured heart and soul into their craft, bringing to life complex characters and intricate plot lines that resonate with viewers, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of serialized storytelling.

    To the dedicated and talented Thai actors, your efforts do not go unnoticed. Through your commitment and dedication to the art, you've managed to craft narratives that hold us, the viewers, in rapt attention. A halt in your creative endeavors is unfathomable—it would leave a void in the hearts of those of us who find solace and thrill in the worlds you create.

    As for my personal journey with this series, the joy it has brought is evident in the explosion of interaction on my social media account. My words of admiration and engagement with the series have found resonance with many, a testament to the series' gripping power and the universal language of stellar storytelling. So, to the cast, crew, and creators behind this magnetic Thai series, a heartfelt 'thank you' hardly seems sufficient for the hours of dedication and delight you provide.

  • BrightGroundhogDay

    Overall 9

    Story 8.5Acting 10Music 9Rewatch Value 9

    This review may contain spoilers
    A Tangled Web of Delight
    The moment the promotional reels from a well-renowned entertainment company graced the screens, teasing their latest dramatic venture, anticipation had me marking my calendar. My expectations were sky-high, and when I finally nestled into my seat to give the series a whirl, I found myself completely absorbed. Unpredictability is the soul of the series, with each installment concluding on a note so suspenseful it's almost unbearable to wait for what comes next. The identity of the...

    grand antagonist, in the end, was a reveal I didn't see coming.

    The brilliance in this drama lies in its crafty narrative, scattered with breadcrumbs right from the outset. Like a jigsaw puzzle, the story unfolds, with enough ambiguity to keep you second-guessing your theories on the true architect behind the characters' anguish. It's like watching a high-stakes game, with each player's secrets seemingly laid bare only to have the rug pulled out from under you once more.

    Deliciously sinister are the arcs of each character, as their descent into darkness is as captivating as it is harrowing. They're on a Sisyphean quest for redemption, except with every attempt to escape their past misdeeds, they plunge further into chaos. Despite moments where disbelief must be suspended—such as the too-quick conviction of a character entangled in a tragic end with dubious proof—the narrative remains taut and engaging.

    There are minor narrative hiccups and inexplicable moments, yet they're so slight they barely nick the serial's sheen. A testament to tight scripting is the unwavering nature of the leads, whose transformations across the series are as compelling as they are logical. Their ill-fated decisions, cloaked in misguided righteousness, entice both empathy and frustration in equal measure.

    Now, while I champion the ensemble of characters, there exists a faction within this tale whose malevolence warrants no quarter, earning them nothing less than a spectator's scorn.

    Let's wax lyrical about the portrayals—the embodiment of grief and villainy by the actress behind the role of a tormented soul stood out remarkably. A novice to me, her conviction carved a place in my memories. Her suffering felt palpable, a feat echoed by her peers, who brought their A-game to this intricate dance of emotions.

    With a nod to the performances and narrative alike, this unpredictable saga has earned my hearty endorsement. Offering a whirlwind of emotion and suspense, the time spent watching flies. Despite its cliffhanger coda—an expected signature of the show—I'm left with anticipation rather than frustration. The series wouldn't have its signature flair without them, after all.