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Action, Romance, Historical


The narrative centers around Noree, a young woman who carries the legacy of her grandmother, a renowned local matchmaker. She finds herself tasked with a seemingly enigmatic mission: to find a suitable match for the esteemed yet perennially single head of the police department, known as Khun Rit. This gentleman, despite his advanced age of 40, his striking looks, and considerable wealth, has never been married, raising both eyebrows and suspicions.

Noree's journey is laced with questions and curiosities. What could be the reason behind Khun Rit's prolonged bachelorhood? Has he faced heartbreak in the past, or maybe his interests lie elsewhere? It's up to Noree to uncover the truth underlying his single status. In her search for the perfect partner for him, she may discover that the answer is closer than she initially thought.

This narrative, rich with questions of love and the complexities of relationships, is inspired by a popular novel that paints a vivid picture of matchmaking with a twist, set against the backdrop of early 20th-century Thai culture.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 25 Mar 01, 2024
Episode 24 Feb 29, 2024
Episode 23 Feb 28, 2024
Episode 22 Feb 27, 2024
Episode 21 Feb 26, 2024
Episode 20 Feb 23, 2024
Episode 19 Feb 22, 2024
Episode 18 Feb 21, 2024
Episode 17 Feb 20, 2024
Episode 16 Feb 19, 2024
Episode 15 Feb 16, 2024
Episode 14 Feb 15, 2024
Episode 13 Feb 14, 2024
Episode 12 Feb 13, 2024
Episode 11 Feb 12, 2024
Episode 10 Feb 09, 2024
Episode 09 Feb 08, 2024
Episode 08 Feb 07, 2024
Episode 07 Feb 06, 2024
Episode 06 Feb 05, 2024
Episode 05 Feb 02, 2024
Episode 04 Feb 01, 2024
Episode 03 Jan 31, 2024
Episode 02 Jan 30, 2024
Episode 01 Jan 29, 2024

What people are saying

  • youngsandra

    Overall 9

    Story 9Acting 8Music 8Rewatch Value 8

    Engaging in the delightful blend of wit and heartfelt moments, this television comedy-drama serves as an exemplary foray into the genre, accommodating viewers from all linguistic backgrounds by providing English subtitles. A testament to the dedication of those who bridge the linguistic divide, such translations allow non-native speakers to share in the joy and nuances of the series.

    Upon the conclusion of a captivating time-traveling narrative that provided a similarly enchanting viewer experience, stumbling upon this particular series felt like a serendipitous treasure. The ensemble...

    cast shines as their on-screen interactions are imbued with an undeniable rapport, a testament to the casting prowess and their consummate acting skills.

    The humor, a sparkling facet of the series, is so infectiously uproarious that it brings laughter spilling into the real world, disrupting slumbers and instigating shared moments of mirth. Twists and unexpected developments within the story arc fold elegantly into the narrative, maintaining a pleasing balance that is neither too predictable nor jarringly outlandish.

    Appreciation is due for the satisfying conclusion that the series delivers. A clear, joyful denouement rounds out the storyline, leaving the audience nestled in the comforting embrace of a well-resolved climax and fond memories. This series is both a jewel for those seeking a chuckle and a heartwarming experience, resonating long after the final credits roll.