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Stricken by deep-seated betrayal at the hands of the family member she held dearest, a vibrant young woman's life is upended as she finds herself robbed of both her domicile and the family enterprise. Out of the debris of her shattered trust, she emerges with a hardened resolve, morphing into a figure driven by retribution against her cold and calculating aunt, the architect of her downfall. This once light-hearted soul now stands unflinching, ready to risk collateral damage in her pursuit of justice.

Into this turbulent saga steps a man, weaving his path of understanding and compassion. His journey is not without peril, as he seeks to bridge the chasm of enmity with the threads of love and forgiveness. Yet, the path he carves is fraught with potential peril, as he navigates the entangled emotions and raw wounds that fester within their lives.

This narrative of love and vengeance, struggling to coexist, springs from the pages of a darkly hued novel, revealing the complexities of human relationships and the transformative power of forgiveness amidst a backdrop of turmoil.

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Episode 34END Apr 10, 2024
Episode 33 Apr 10, 2024
Episode 32 Apr 05, 2024
Episode 31 Apr 04, 2024
Episode 30 Apr 04, 2024
Episode 29 Apr 03, 2024
Episode 28 Mar 30, 2024
Episode 27 Mar 28, 2024
Episode 26 Mar 28, 2024
Episode 25 Mar 26, 2024
Episode 24 Mar 24, 2024
Episode 23 Mar 21, 2024
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Episode 20 Mar 15, 2024
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Episode 04 Feb 16, 2024
Episode 03 Feb 16, 2024
Episode 02 Feb 16, 2024
Episode 01 Feb 16, 2024

What people are saying

  • sadmoon

    Overall 8.5

    Story 8.5Acting 9Music 8.5Rewatch Value 5.5

    A Thrilling Rollercoaster Ride! This series had me hooked from start to finish. The antagonist, Prang, portrayed a captivating mix of narcissism and sociopathy, expertly manipulating those around her. While some may argue her character is exaggerated, I found her portrayal to be chillingly accurate, even though her violent tendencies were far beyond anything I've encountered in real life. Aff Taksaorn Paksukcharoen's performance was nothing short of brilliant, seamlessly transitioning between deception and vulnerability. Prang has earned a well-deserved spot on my list of all-time...

    favorite villains!

    Another standout character was Prae, a survivor seeking justice for her family's suffering. Her journey from victim to a strong and empowered individual was commendable. Although there were moments when I wished she had fought back against Prang's cruelty instead of allowing herself to be beaten.

    Pi, on the other hand, instantly became one of my favorite characters. He embodied the perfect male lead - mature, loyal, and unwavering in his love and support for the woman he adored. Nine Naphat Siangsomboon's portrayal was remarkable, bringing a sense of authenticity to the role and making the character feel incredibly genuine. His subtle facial expressions further enhanced the realism, leaving a lasting impression on me.

    However, I must admit feeling disappointed with Push's limited role in the series. As the reason I initially started watching, I had high expectations for his performance. Unfortunately, his portrayal felt stiff and uncomfortable in comparison to his usual brilliance.

    Without spoiling anything, I can confidently say that this series embodies the essence of a classic lakorn. It is filled with intense drama, dramatic events, and larger-than-life scenarios. Yet, despite the exaggerated elements, the execution was flawless. I highly recommend giving it a watch.

    Lastly, a special thank you to KatAttack and the team for their efforts in subbing this series. At a time when no one else was providing subtitles, their dedication and hard work over the months were greatly appreciated.

  • SadEthan51

    Overall 7.5

    Story 9.5Acting 10Music 5Rewatch Value 6

    An Engrossing Drama Filled with Betrayal and Revenge

    The drama I recently watched was truly captivating from start to finish. It revolves around a young woman named Prae, who finds herself deceived and betrayed by her own family members. Her aunt, Prang, and her husband, Nop, orchestrate a scheme to take advantage of Prae and claim her inheritance for themselves. In addition to this, Nop manipulates an innocent young girl who looks up to him.

    Prae's world comes crashing down when Prang reveals her true colors, accusing...

    Prae of being a mistress without her knowledge. Determined to avenge herself, Prae decides to return and take revenge on her enemies. However, it proves to be no easy task, as her aunt poses a constant threat, launching multiple attacks against her. In an interesting twist, Prae devises a plan to seduce Prang's own nephew, akin to how Prang used her husband to hurt Prae in the past. This particular storyline was particularly engaging and kept me hooked.

    One of the standout characters in the drama was Phi, who always had Prae's back and protected her no matter what. His unwavering support made him a truly likable character. The drama primarily revolves around Prae and her journey, though I would have appreciated more development for the other characters as well.

    Unfortunately, the drama does have its downsides. It is quite lengthy, spanning several hours, and there were moments when certain scenes felt dragged out and unnecessary. Personally, I believe that instead of Prang taking her own life, it would have been more satisfying to see her face the consequences of her actions and end up in jail. This would have made Prae's revenge even more fulfilling.

    It is also worth noting that Nop, despite having less screen time, managed to make a significant impact with his presence. However, at times, Phi's character bordered on becoming more of a stalker than a genuine romantic interest. If you decide to watch this drama, I would recommend skipping a few episodes to ensure a more concise viewing experience.

    Overall, this drama offers an intriguing tale of revenge, though I would have preferred a more satisfying ending for the protagonist's enemies. Despite its flaws, it manages to keep you entertained and invested throughout.