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In the series at the heart of this discussion, we follow the journey of a famed actress hailing from an affluent background as her latest role demands that she immerse herself in a world far removed from her own. Tasked with understanding the essence of love, she finds herself relocated to the bucolic beauty of Lat Chado in the historical Ayutthaya region. To blend in and gather the experience she needs, she takes up residence with Marasri, a woman known for her biting wit.

Adding to the complexity of her assignment, she senses the persistent presence of someone known only as Mha, trailing her every move. As the story unfolds, questions arise about whether the actress will truly unravel the tangled web of love and who will emerge as the romantic lead in this tale of heart and passion.

The series is an adaptation of a beloved novel and promises viewers a blend of romance, personal discovery, and the shaping power of love in unexpected surroundings.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 24END Apr 07, 2024
Episode 23 Apr 05, 2024
Episode 22 Apr 03, 2024
Episode 21 Apr 01, 2024
Episode 20 Mar 30, 2024
Episode 19 Mar 28, 2024
Episode 18 Mar 28, 2024
Episode 17 Mar 24, 2024
Episode 16 Mar 24, 2024
Episode 15 Mar 21, 2024
Episode 14 Mar 21, 2024
Episode 13 Mar 20, 2024
Episode 12 Mar 19, 2024
Episode 11 Mar 17, 2024
Episode 10 Mar 17, 2024
Episode 09 Mar 15, 2024
Episode 08 Mar 14, 2024
Episode 07 Mar 14, 2024
Episode 06 Mar 12, 2024
Episode 05 Mar 11, 2024
Episode 04 Mar 09, 2024
Episode 03 Mar 08, 2024
Episode 02 Mar 06, 2024
Episode 01 Mar 06, 2024

What people are saying

  • gentlechen

    Overall 8.5

    Story 9.5Acting 8Music 8Rewatch Value 6.5

    Spoiler Alert: Review Contains Plot Details

    Captivated by the acting prowess of a certain actor from a popular show, I found myself diving into a new series. Despite enduring some lackluster performances in previous projects featuring other actors, I held onto hope, especially with the talented lead in this one.

    My familiarity with the source material set the bar somewhat high, especially with the lead actor's involvement. The transition from webtoon to screen brought in more grit and depth, showcasing the versatility of the lead actor,...

    particularly in the more intense gang-related scenes. It was a pleasant surprise that added a layer of complexity to the narrative.

    While my initial draw was the lead actor, I soon found myself engrossed in the dynamic between two supporting characters. Their chemistry added a delightful spark to the series, offering a refreshing take on the typical romantic tropes often seen in similar shows. This side story injected just the right amount of lightheartedness without veering into melodrama.

    Set in a period piece, the series immersed viewers in a world devoid of modern technological distractions. This served as a reminder to appreciate the simplicity of storytelling without relying on flashy gadgets or influencer culture to capture audiences' attention.

    From memorable side characters to satisfying character arcs, the series managed to tie up loose ends without leaving glaring plot holes—a commendable feat in the realm of television. Despite a few moments of exaggerated performances, the overall viewing experience remained enjoyable, offering a glimpse into a world free from the constraints of contemporary societal norms.

    The lead actor, known for their ability to portray a range of characters, delivered a convincing performance that added depth to the narrative. Their portrayal of a particular character was both humorous and compelling, showcasing their talent in embodying diverse roles with ease.

    In conclusion, this series, with its blend of humor, drama, and charming characters, presents a refreshing take on traditional storytelling. While it may not cater to every viewer's taste, it certainly offers a unique viewing experience that stands out amidst a sea of similar content.