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In this melodramatic fantasy series, the young and aspiring journalist with a heart of gold finds herself perpetually unlucky in love and life. Despite her outward appeal and compassionate nature, she is inexplicably often left feeling desolate and discarded. This pattern of misadventure and solitude, she is unaware, is the result of an old hex that has trailed her through the years, influencing her seemingly ill-fated existence.

Enter the enigmatic and reclusive expert in ancient artifacts, who is renowned for his expertise yet shrouded in mystery, as his face has never graced the public eye. He lives a life of isolation, keeping to the shadows, a fitting lifestyle for someone who isn't quite from this world. This expert, known in his professional circles by his moniker, "the Jade Master," is, in fact, a celestial being from a distant plane of existence.

Their paths cross when the Jade Master sets his sights on the unluckily cursed journalist. Convinced that he has the power to lift her spirits and change her perspective on love and trust, he embarks on a personal mission. The challenges are plenty, for how does a being, so removed from human connection and accustomed to eternal solitude, endeavor to rescue and restore the faith of a soul plagued by otherworldly misfortune? Their story weaves romance with the supernatural, asking if love can truly conquer curses that span the ages.

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Episode 25End Jun 11, 2024
Episode 24 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 23 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 22 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 21 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 20 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 19 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 18 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 17 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 16 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 15 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 14 Jun 11, 2024
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Episode 12 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 11 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 10 Jun 11, 2024
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Episode 06 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 05 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 04 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 03 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 02 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 01 Jun 11, 2024

What people are saying

  • livelytom2

    Overall 6

    Story 6Acting 9Music 6Rewatch Value 2

    While it may not have been the most outstanding drama out there, this particular series managed to captivate my interest from the get-go. Having been a fan of the lead actress, Victoria, for some time, I was pleasantly surprised by the engaging storyline and the undeniable chemistry between the main characters. Huang Jingyu, known for his role in "Addicted," delivered a solid performance as the male lead, adding another layer of depth to the series. The pacing of the show was well-executed, keeping me hooked...

    from episode to episode. I particularly enjoyed the sweet side romance between the fox brothers and the friend at the cafe, adding a touch of heartwarming charm to the narrative.

    The acting across the board was commendable, and the well-curated OSTs complemented the emotional moments perfectly. For the first time, I truly felt the on-screen spark between Victoria and her male counterpart, which added an extra layer of authenticity to their relationship. However, I must admit that the ending left me feeling somewhat underwhelmed. It seemed like the writers may have struggled to maintain the initial momentum, resulting in a conclusion that fell short of expectations. Despite this, the series managed to avoid the common pitfall of dragging out the storyline unnecessarily, a refreshing departure from many similar productions in the genre.

  • toughguo30

    Overall 6

    Story 6Acting 6Music 7Rewatch Value 5

    The series as a whole struck a nice balance in terms of length, storyline, characters, and pacing. There was a cohesive flow to how everything intertwined within the larger narrative. However, the conclusion left something to be desired. The build-up of tension had me on the edge of my seat, eagerly anticipating a satisfying resolution, yet the writing and execution fell short of my expectations (spoiler discussion below).

    Certain performances felt lacking, particularly Victoria's portrayal of persistent sorrow and Johnny's somewhat stoic expressions. The script...

    occasionally stumbled, meandering through extraneous scenes. In hindsight, I wished more depth had been given to Qianhua and Zhaosong's dynamic, and the aftermath of a pivotal event was cursorily addressed. Wangxuan's character felt tacked on and underdeveloped. On a positive note, the flashback sequences added depth, highlighting the evolution of circumstances over time. The exception was an odd depiction of Pipi's parents' backstory, seemingly to afford Johnny more screen time.

    Despite its shortcomings, the drama held my interest. The character interactions, particularly among the two boys and Xiaoju, injected the right amount of levity. The narrative progression felt appropriately paced, with conflicts resolved without undue prolongation.

    Now, addressing the conclusion. It diverged significantly from the established narrative trajectory, seemingly disregarding prior events and viewer expectations. The resolution felt hasty and inadequately tied up loose ends. A jarring time jump left unresolved questions regarding the fox clan's fate post-south/north war, given the protagonist's altered state. The reunion between Helan Xi and Pipi lacked the emotional resonance it deserved and could have been executed more effectively.

  • wildostrich93

    Overall 4

    Story 4Acting 6Music 6Rewatch Value 2

    Let's delve into the world of this production with unfiltered honesty. Some might refer to it as a drama, but in my eyes, it falls more into the category of a web series. The production quality didn't quite hit the mark; it exuded a vibe more suited to lower-tier web dramas. Now, don't get me wrong, I have a soft spot for light romantic comedies and fantastical elements. Web dramas often deliver bite-sized, feel-good content that hits the spot. It seemed like this series would...

    be a shorter, higher-quality endeavor, especially in comparison to the usual lengthy Chinese fantasy dramas. Alas, the expectations were not quite met.

    From the get-go, it was evident that the production was struggling. The first and second halves of the series felt like two entirely separate entities – a stark divide that couldn't be ignored. Due to delays in filming and casting issues, the story took a tumultuous turn. The narrative shifted midway, transitioning from a focus on the main characters to a heavier reliance on the secondary cast. It's a shame because the initial setup held promise; the destined love story and intricate mythos were engaging. The interwoven timelines, especially with the younger versions of the characters, added a layer of charm. It's a missed opportunity not to have explored this angle further.

    However, as the plot progressed, the momentum dwindled, and the interactions between the leads became lackluster. The unresolved threads and rushed conclusions left a bitter aftertaste. The potential subplots were sacrificed for a hasty ending, leaving much to be desired. If you're one to dislike loose ends and abrupt closures, this series might not resonate with you.

    A noteworthy mention goes to the opening narration – a repetitive feature that overstayed its welcome. In contrast, the closing montage exuded a captivating supernatural aura reminiscent of classic show intros. The disconnect between the two highlighted the show's untapped potential, a fact that didn't go unnoticed. Despite these flaws, the perplexing ending failed to do justice to the storyline and characters, culminating in a lackluster final act.

    In essence, this series falls short of greatness. While I can appreciate a mediocre story or a modest production, the lack of resolution and coherence in this narrative is disappointing. The final installment felt like a missed opportunity to explore alternative storytelling avenues – a choice that could have injected new life into the plot. While the series had its quirks and moments of intrigue, the execution left much to be desired.

    In closing, this review may seem harsh, but it reflects the missed potential of this production. A touch of creative audacity could have salvaged the story and elevated it to a more satisfying conclusion. Sometimes, embracing the unconventional can lead to unexpected brilliance.

  • hotbirdman

    Overall 6.5

    Story 6Acting 8Music 7Rewatch Value 5.5

    Taking a moment to gather my thoughts before diving into this review, I realize the frustration and disappointment still linger despite my attempts to let them subside. This series falls into the realm of fantasy romantic comedy, employing familiar tropes to advance its narrative. While not without merit, the lack of a satisfying payoff is what ultimately soured my overall experience.

    My initial foray into this series was rather impromptu, spurred on by a random selection while browsing in a somewhat inebriated state. Engaging with...

    the show from its early episodes, I found myself drawn more to the secondary characters than the main leads. The dynamics within the trio, including their unconventional relationship, along with the character Qian Hua, provided some of the more intriguing aspects of the storyline. Consequently, the resolutions for these characters left much to be desired.

    In terms of performances, the acting across the board ranged from adequate to captivating. While some criticisms have been directed towards one particular actress, I found her portrayal tolerable, considering the characterization presented. Another standout was the actress portraying Bai Jia, whose ability to convey emotions wordlessly was particularly commendable.

    This series can be described as a middling endeavor, with an average narrative supported by competent acting. However, certain elements of the storyline may elicit discomfort or unfavorable comparisons. The series' thematic echoes of another popular franchise may not escape notice, drawing parallels that are hard to ignore. In the end, the decision to watch or skip this series may not yield significant regret either way.

  • jollyflamingo

    Overall 7

    Story 7Acting 8Music 6.5Rewatch Value 6

    This particular Asian drama series is a commendable production, standing out from its counterparts by steering clear of cringeworthy scenes. The show excels in various aspects such as production values, dialogues, and CGI effects, all of which are of superior quality.

    The storyline kicks off engagingly, drawing viewers in with its youthful protagonists. The charming young leads bring a certain allure to the series, and the flashback sequences at the start of each episode provide a heartfelt connection to the characters' growth over time. The...

    initial episodes are particularly captivating as the leads gradually nurture their relationships, deepening their bond through every interaction.

    However, the latter half of the series takes an unexpected turn in terms of writing, introducing numerous inconsistencies and plot gaps. An episode in particular feels superfluous, and a significant oversight arises when a character is suddenly able to see during daylight hours. As the story progresses towards its conclusion, the ending feels abrupt and disjointed, leaving loose ends untied and the central characters estranged from each other.

    While the series holds promise, the unresolved cliffhanger finale leaves much to be desired. The excessive focus on side characters like PiPi's ex-boyfriend and her unreliable "best friend" detracts from the main narrative, hindering the overall viewing experience. Despite its strengths in plot development, pacing, and on-screen chemistry, this drama falls short of earning a spot on my rewatch list anytime soon.