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In a bustling metropolis teeming with corruption and crime, a group of unique and skilled individuals forms a close-knit vigilante team to combat the injustice prevailing in their city. Led by a mastermind with a penchant for planning and an enigmatic presence, this team leverages their diverse skill sets—from martial arts to the latest technology—to unravel conspiracies and take down high-profile targets that are beyond the reach of conventional law enforcement.

At the heart of their mission is the pursuit of personal redemption for past sins and the protection of the innocent. Each member of the team is driven by a complex backstory, contributing to their collective crusade against the city's criminal underworld. As they face ever-increasing threats and moral dilemmas, their relationships are tested, and their resolve strengthened.

Over time, the line between right and wrong appears blurred, but the team's commitment to their cause and to each other remains steadfast. Through their thrilling exploits, they not only seek to save their city but also to find a sense of purpose and belonging within their shared quest for justice.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 15 Jul 17, 2024
Episode 14 Jul 17, 2024
Episode 13 Jul 17, 2024
Episode 12 Jul 16, 2024
Episode 11 Jul 12, 2024
Episode 10 Jul 11, 2024
Episode 09 Jul 10, 2024
Episode 08 Jul 09, 2024
Episode 07 Jul 05, 2024
Episode 06 Jul 05, 2024
Episode 05 Jul 04, 2024
Episode 04 Jul 03, 2024
Episode 03 Jul 02, 2024
Episode 02 Jun 29, 2024
Episode 01 Jun 28, 2024