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Thriller, Action, Supernatural


This TV series unfolds an epic tale of thrilling expeditions and elusive history, woven around the legendary quest to uncover the mysteries of soldiers who went missing during the Vietnam War. The narrative takes us deep into the enchanting realms of the Mekong River and introduces us to the indigenous Phuri tribe, all under the watchful eye of the mythical Naga that is believed to safeguard the land.

Central to the story is an ambitious project by a joint Thai-American venture, which is set on constructing a bridge that will span the mighty Mekong, uniting Thailand and Laos. Leading the construction efforts is an American ex-serviceman and a veteran of the Vietnam War who has assumed the role of the construction site manager. His past experiences and knowledge of the region bring an extra layer of depth to the storyline.

Intertwined with the bridge's development is the tale of an academic whose life's work is dedicated to studying the ancient Phuri tribe. Her expertise and curiosity drive her to delve into the depths of history and culture that surround the river and its people.

As the construction of the bridge progresses and the professor delves deeper into her research, their paths cross, and an intricate tapestry of history, culture, and personal stories unfold, set against the stunning backdrop of Southeast Asia’s natural wonders. The series, inspired by a renowned novel, promises to be as much an adventure as a journey through time and memory, exploring the profound effects of war and the enduring spirit of the land and its people.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 32 Feb 24, 2024
Episode 31 Feb 24, 2024
Episode 30 Feb 21, 2024
Episode 29 Feb 19, 2024
Episode 28 Feb 18, 2024
Episode 27 Feb 16, 2024
Episode 26 Feb 15, 2024
Episode 25 Feb 12, 2024
Episode 24 Feb 12, 2024
Episode 23 Feb 09, 2024
Episode 22 Feb 09, 2024
Episode 21 Feb 08, 2024
Episode 20 Feb 08, 2024
Episode 19 Feb 06, 2024
Episode 18 Feb 06, 2024
Episode 17 Feb 02, 2024
Episode 16 Jan 31, 2024
Episode 15 Jan 31, 2024
Episode 14 Jan 28, 2024
Episode 13 Jan 26, 2024
Episode 12 Jan 26, 2024
Episode 11 Jan 25, 2024
Episode 10 Jan 25, 2024
Episode 09 Jan 22, 2024
Episode 08 Jan 21, 2024
Episode 07 Jan 16, 2024
Episode 06 Jan 13, 2024
Episode 05 Jan 13, 2024
Episode 04 Jan 08, 2024
Episode 03 Jan 08, 2024
Episode 02 Jan 07, 2024
Episode 01 Jan 07, 2024

What people are saying

  • smartshin

    Overall 7.5

    Story 7.5Acting 8Music 8Rewatch Value 6

    Should you engage with this particular television series? My recommendation hinges on certain predispositions. Certainly, if inexorable action sequences and close-quarters combat tickle your fancy—you'll find some gratification here. The choreographed fisticuffs, predominantly shouldered by the male protagonists (portraying Dave and Drago), outshine, providing a ballet of brutality, though paradoxically juxtaposed against an arsenal of oft-ignored firearms.

    However, if your palate yearns for a love story that sizzles, adjust your expectations. The lead couple fails to ignite a credible spark, maintaining a proximity that's more aesthetic...

    than electric. The romance resides not in their sparse physical intimacies but simmers instead, perhaps unintentionally, in the gestures and glances between the brawling brethren. A glimmer of romantic narrative is afforded to a secondary pair, though it teeters on incredulity, shackled by an imbalance in their dynamics.

    The narrative's cohesion is, to be charitable, precarious. Plot strands dangle without closure, and the pacing suffers from bloat; a tight edit could excise a swath of superfluous content. Villains resurface with a frequency bordering on farcical—forgiveness is the heroes' Achilles' heel, fostering a cycle of folly rather than finality. This thematic repetition dilutes the drama and frustrates discerning viewers.

    Ambivalence envelops one's opinion on the talents anchoring the series. Lounger sentiments may gravitate towards Louis, whose on-screen command elevates the combat to something worth the watch. Conversely, the female lead's performance is tepid—despite her potential for heroism, she's relegated to the role of perpetual prey, her resilience manifesting only in immunity to a certain supernatural entity.

    The mythological serpents, while pivotal in moments, are regrettably marginalized in the grand schema—and let's not delve into the haphazard handling of the reincarnation thread, where even the finale's credits tease what might have been lost in editing room decisions.

    And yet, the series charms audibly through its romantic scoring. The opening track, while remarkably rock-infused, overstays its welcome, unwisely consuming precious screen time.

    My journey with this drama began with optimism but waned to weariness. If curiosity should beckon, heed this: liberate yourself to leapfrog over lulls. You're unlikely to lose the thread of the unfolding theatrics.

  • darkpak

    Overall 9.5

    Story 9.5Acting 9Music 9.5Rewatch Value 7

    Be advised: potential spoilers ahead.
    Sharing my thoughts on the gripping Thai Lakorn series in question, it's impossible not to extol the heroic efforts of the characters portrayed by actors P Louis and P Mik. Their tenacity in facing fearsome creatures to rescue hapless victims is commendable. However, one must single out P Louis for his relentless bravery showcased in numerous episodes.

    The ensemble cast, including the talents of P Jayda, Mhoo, Preaw, Mik, and Louis, deliver performances that elevate the series, creating memorable moments of...

    camaraderie. The hope for an extension of this kinship into future episodes with more high-octane sequences is one shared by many fans.

    One storyline that particularly stands out involves P Henri, whose actions towards his uncle pivot from the nephew we might expect him to be, given his upbringing, to one driven by greed. It's an unsettling narrative turn that provides a stark contrast to the nobility of our lead characters.

    Despite the intrigue and drama, the series doesn't shy away from exploring the complexities of romance, adding a layer of depth to the narrative tapestry. Viewers interested in a blend of action and love stories set in riveting locales will find this series compelling—though it's worth noting that non-Thai speaking audiences may encounter a challenge due to the lack of English subtitles.

    In conclusion, the show's cast deserves recognition for their efforts in bringing this thrilling and emotionally-charged story to life. Their dedication to their roles is evident and makes for an engaging viewing experience for fans of Thai Lakorn dramas.