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Mask of Wife is about the plot revolves around two women battling in an intense rivalry; one is the legitimate wife, while the other is the mistress. Their family feud intensifies as they compete against each other with manipulation, strategy, and ruthlessness. The question is, who will emerge victorious? The series is filled with suspense, humor, and emotional ups and downs, leaving the audience wondering about the uncertain loyalties of the characters - just because one appears good doesn't guarantee their righteousness, and those who seem wicked may not be inherently evil. In this tumultuous world, anything is possible.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 08END Sep 13, 2023
Episode 07 Sep 12, 2023
Episode 06 Sep 07, 2023
Episode 05 Sep 07, 2023
Episode 04 Sep 05, 2023
Episode 03 Aug 31, 2023
Episode 02 Aug 30, 2023
Episode 01 Aug 29, 2023