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In this captivating series, we delve into the aftermath of a tale set in the historic city of Ayutthaya of the 17th century. Here, the narrative intertwines the past with the present. In the 21st century, a young woman comes across an ancient text that magically transports her centuries back in time. Amidst the backdrop of a bygone era, she encounters the adventurous son of a character from the previous generation. Their worlds collide in a tumult of conflict and romance, leading her to uncover the reasons behind her soul's seemingly endless journey through lifetimes. Together, they wrestle with the possibility of an eternal love that might just have the power to unravel the threads of their shared destiny and free them from a relentless cycle of rebirth. This story of time-crossed lovers explores the concept of karma and the quest for liberation from its infinite loop. Inspired by a literary work, the series presents a love that challenges destiny itself.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 19 May 18, 2024
Episode 18 May 17, 2024
Episode 17 May 14, 2024
Episode 16 May 10, 2024
Episode 15 May 10, 2024
Episode 14 May 10, 2024
Episode 13 May 07, 2024
Episode 12 May 04, 2024
Episode 11 May 02, 2024
Episode 10 May 02, 2024
Episode 09 Apr 30, 2024
Episode 08 Apr 26, 2024
Episode 07 Apr 26, 2024
Episode 06 Apr 24, 2024
Episode 05 Apr 24, 2024
Episode 04 Apr 22, 2024
Episode 03 Apr 21, 2024
Episode 02 Apr 21, 2024
Episode 01 Apr 21, 2024

What people are saying

  • HappyBattleship12

    Overall 8.5

    Story 8.5Acting 10Music 8.5Rewatch Value 7

    **Bella and Pope - Destined for Each Other (on Screen)**

    Prepare for a drama that will tug at your heartstrings and keep you guessing until the very end. While not quite reaching the same level of engagement as its predecessor, this series still manages to deliver a worthwhile viewing experience.

    Despite a few missed opportunities and rushed storylines, the love story between our main characters remains a focal point. The male lead, Rid, might not exude the same charisma as past characters played by Pope, but...

    the chemistry between Bella and Pope is undeniable.

    The supporting cast shines, especially the charming men in the court and Khun Luang. The handsome King adds depth to the story, turning out to be a surprisingly fair and decent character.

    As the series draws to a close, viewers are treated to a satisfying finale that almost makes up for the slower pacing of earlier episodes. However, some questionable events towards the end leave a bittersweet taste. It seems that in today's storytelling, a touch of discord may be deemed necessary for impact.

    Despite its flaws, this show is a delightful watch, with standout performances and visually appealing costumes. The soundtrack, featuring familiar tunes from previous seasons, adds to the overall experience.

    For fans of the series and newcomers alike, this captivating drama is worth a watch. The on-screen chemistry between Bella and Pope will have you rooting for their love story till the very end.

  • sleepytom71

    Overall 10

    Story 10Acting 10Music 10Rewatch Value 10

    In a world where TV dramas strive to captivate and enthrall viewers, this particular series undoubtedly stands out as a gem worth discovering. The storyline is intriguing, offering a fresh perspective on familiar themes that keep the audience eagerly awaiting each new revelation.

    It's essential to form your own opinions when it comes to entertainment choices, rather than letting others influence your experience. While some may attempt to detract from the show's merits with misguided criticisms, it's crucial to remember the essence of fiction and the...

    creative realm in which these narratives unfold.

    The performances in this series are exceptional, drawing viewers in with authentic emotions and compelling portrayals that resonate long after the screen fades to black. The cultural nuances and settings add depth to the story, creating a rich tapestry of storytelling that is both engaging and enlightening.

    In the vast landscape of television offerings, this series shines as a beacon of quality and artistry. So, venture forth with an open mind, immerse yourself in this world of imagination, and let the magic of storytelling transport you to places unknown.

  • wildwill96

    Overall 8

    Story 8Acting 7.5Music 7.5Rewatch Value 8

    I recently caught up with the latest season of a certain series, and I must say, the storyline is intriguing. The female lead, portrayed by Putrang or Og Karaked, truly shines with her strong and independent character. The male lead, Rid, is charming in his own way as well. However, I found Rid's behavior to be quite frustrating. His reluctance to fight for the female lead's hand in marriage against the king was disheartening. Instead of standing up for their love, he simply cited destiny...

    as the reason for his inaction. It was disappointing to see him prioritize his fear of the king over his love for her. Despite the female lead's willingness to stay with him, Rid's actions led to a surprising turn of events. The death of Rueng felt unnecessary, adding an unexpected twist to the storyline. The king's behavior in the latest episodes was particularly bothersome, leaving viewers on edge.