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A renowned and respected psychiatrist finds her world turned upside down amid suspicions of her husband's infidelity. As the threads of her seemingly idyltic existence begin to unravel, she discovers the depth of his deception, including a clandestine relationship with a much younger university student. Fueled by rage and betrayal, she enters a high-stakes battle of wits with the man she once trusted and his paramour. This descent into obsession and vengefulness brings forth a side of her that's completely alien, jeopardizing not just her personal sense of justice but also the very fabric of her family life.

Her journey mirrors the gripping narrative of a well-known British drama, showcasing the lengths to which a scorned individual might go in pursuit of truth and retribution.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 14 Jul 17, 2024
Episode 13 Jul 17, 2024
Episode 12 Jul 17, 2024
Episode 11 Jul 12, 2024
Episode 10 Jul 12, 2024
Episode 09 Jul 12, 2024
Episode 08 Jul 10, 2024
Episode 07 Jul 05, 2024
Episode 06 Jul 05, 2024
Episode 05 Jul 05, 2024
Episode 04 Jul 05, 2024
Episode 03 Jul 05, 2024
Episode 02 Jul 05, 2024
Episode 01 Jul 05, 2024

What people are saying

  • boldleonardo81

    Overall 6.5

    Story 6.5Acting 7Music 6.5Rewatch Value 6.5

    A familiar yet imperfect reimagining, this series closely mirrors the original storyline with a touch of innovation, but fails to deliver the same intensity of emotional upheaval caused by betrayal and subsequent vengeance. One refreshing change is the expansion of the central family to four members instead of three, with the addition of Ploy, the daughter, bringing a new layer of vulnerability to the narrative. Her struggle to comprehend the complexities of betrayal and divorce adds a poignant element to the storyline, highlighting the impact...

    of such turmoil on a young child.

    The dynamic between siblings Patch and Ploy offers a unique emotional depth compared to other character interactions. Additionally, Jane's portrayal exudes a delicate strength and grace, effectively guiding the series through its tumultuous emotional arcs. Athin's character is crafted to be despised, while Kate initially fails to garner sympathy. Among the secondary characters, Tul comes across as overly saccharine, despite his good intentions.

    While the first half of the series maintains a strong momentum, the latter episodes falter, weighed down by unnecessarily prolonged scenes that detract from the overall impact. However, the finale redeems some of these shortcomings with a more satisfying resolution for the characters. Ultimately, while this remake falls slightly short of expectations, it still offers a compelling viewing experience for fans of the original or newcomers alike. Expect a narrative that treads familiar ground, yet with a few surprises along the way, making it worth a watch for those seeking a blend of familiarity and novelty.

  • darkinception22

    Overall 8

    Story 8Acting 9.5Music 8Rewatch Value 5.5

    In a certain TV series, one character's thirst for revenge backfires, leading to a series of unfortunate events. While this character's misguided actions cause chaos, another character, Jane, demonstrates remarkable resilience in the face of adversity. Despite facing relentless challenges, Jane refuses to back down and continues to fight for what is right. On the other hand, Kate, who attempts to outshine Jane with the support of her well-intentioned but misguided parents, finds herself in a moral dilemma. Although Kate's parents are aware of their...

    daughter's mistakes, they choose to enable her instead of holding her accountable. This conflicting dynamic adds a layer of tension to the series, as Jane's unwavering determination contrasts sharply with Kate's questionable decisions. Overall, Jane's strength and integrity shine through, earning her admiration in a world full of obstacles and deceit.