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In this gripping drama series, viewers are introduced to a pair of central characters whose once-married life has devolved into strife and discord. The former husband and wife are entangled in the persistent complications of their post-marital world, connected by the responsibilities of co-parenting their child. The unraveling of their union is attributed in large part to the male protagonist's struggle with alcoholism, which ultimately left the burden of raising their child solely on the female protagonist's shoulders.

With the dissolution of their marriage, the two did not manage to salvage a friendship from the ruins of their relationship. Now, whenever their paths cross, they find themselves embroiled in heated arguments, a testament to the unresolved emotions that simmer beneath the surface. The male lead, who serves in a law enforcement capacity, harbors a residual jealousy towards his former spouse, a sentiment aggravated by her impending nuptials to a younger man whose past kindnesses to her cannot be forgotten.

Despite his professional demeanor, the ex-husband's jealousy compels him to dig deeper into the background of his ex-wife's new fiancé. In what seems like an act of serendipity, he uncovers unsettling truths about the man she's chosen to marry, revealing him to be less than the exemplary partner he pretends to be. Armed with evidence of the fiancé's true character, the ex-officer attempts to warn his former wife, only to be met with her resolute denial.

As the storyline escalates, the fiancé's ominous intentions begin to take shape, and the female protagonist finds herself in a frightfully precarious position. It is only then that she recognizes the gravity of her situation. Staring danger in the face, she comes to the stark realization that her options are limited. In her moment of peril, it is her estranged ex-husband—who despite their turbulent history—steps into the breach, ready to offer protection and support when she needs it most.

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Episode 11 May 16, 2024
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