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In a small rural school teetering on the brink of closure, the dedicated principal is single-mindedly focused on keeping the institution afloat. In a bid to enhance the school's reputation and ensure it passes the crucial forthcoming assessment, she hires a captivating new English teacher to join the faculty. However, the situation takes an eerie turn when the livestock on the school grounds are discovered massacred, throwing the community into a state of alarm.

The principal, shaken by a chilling encounter, comes to suspect that the English teacher harbors a dark and ghastly secret, believing she may be a supernatural creature with a gruesome diet. Despite the principal's growing trepidation, her efforts to unmask the truth about the new teacher are complicated. The teacher's extraordinary popularity among students and staff due to her nurturing demeanor poses a challenge to the principal's investigation. To complicate matters further, a budding romantic interest between the reportedly monstrous teacher and the principal's own kindhearted brother makes the accusation all the more difficult to address.

Caught in a web of suspicion, fear, and conflicting emotions, the principal is determined to protect her school and community, but must navigate the complex dynamics at play to reveal the truth behind the unsettling events.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 13 May 20, 2024
Episode 12 May 17, 2024
Episode 11 May 16, 2024
Episode 10 May 15, 2024
Episode 09 May 14, 2024
Episode 08 May 13, 2024
Episode 07 May 10, 2024
Episode 06 May 09, 2024
Episode 05 May 08, 2024
Episode 04 May 07, 2024
Episode 03 May 06, 2024
Episode 02 May 03, 2024
Episode 01 May 02, 2024