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Unlocking Thai Drama: Your Quick Guide!


    Ever been enchanted by the swirling drama and heartfelt narratives emanating from the Thai television screen? Today, we’re taking you on a delightful journey through the riveting world of Thai Lakorns - a place where emotions, culture, and vibrant stories come to life.

    Q: For the uninitiated, what exactly is a Thai Lakorn?
    A: In the enchanting realm of Thai entertainment, Lakorns hold a special place, often unraveling tales of romance, drama, comedy, and even suspense across various episodic series. Known in Thai as "ละครโทรทัศน์" (lakhon thorathat), they spellbind viewers with elaborate storylines, charismatic characters, and emotionally rich narratives that mirror and explore themes pertinent to Thai culture and society.
    Q: Let’s take a step back in time! When did Thai TV dramas make their debut?
    A: Stepping into the nostalgic aisles of history, the first-ever Thai TV drama to grace the screens was "Suriyani Mai Yom Taengngan" way back on January 5, 1956. This historic broadcast occurred just a mere two months after the establishment of Thailand's first television station, Channel 4 Bangkhunphrom (now Channel 9).
    Q: Can international fans enjoy Lakorns as well?
    A: Absolutely! With global platforms like Netflix and various streaming sites, Thai Lakorns, transcending genres from romance to psychological thrillers, have charmed audiences worldwide. Notably, historical romantic drama "Love Destiny" (2018) has garnered fans from various countries, including Russia. In fact, since 2021, some Thai Lakorns have been concurrently broadcast worldwide on Netflix, just like in Thailand!
    Q: How do these dramas fit into daily Thai television programming?
    A: Lakorns have traditionally been a primetime favorite, typically broadcast around 20:25-20:30 local time and offering episodes ranging from 30 minutes to a whopping two hours, commercials included! Though changes have been seen recently, with Channel 7, for instance, altering its Friday night schedule in favor of broadcasting live combat sports since January 20, 2023.
    Q: What about censorship and ratings?
    A: Navigating through the waves of censorship, Thai TV series adhere to stringent laws, especially those concerning nudity, sexual content, and elements that might clash with religious beliefs. Gambling scenes are often accompanied by disclaimers, and most of BBTV Channel 7's programs even seek a PG-18 rating, ensuring content appropriateness for varied age groups.
    Q: International Broadcasts have been highlighted lately. Can you tell us more about Thai dramas in the international scene?
    A: Over the years, Thai TV dramas have melted hearts across Southeast Asia and beyond, with hits like "2gether: The Series" and "The Gifted" stealing the spotlight in countries like the Philippines, and older classics like "Dao Pra Sook" beloved in Cambodia. Furthermore, the 2020s saw a Thai wave in Japan, and China embraced Thai dramas with open arms, with platforms like iQIYI even forming partnerships with Thai production houses!
    Q: Are there any memorable records set by Thai dramas?
    A: Oh, the stories to tell! “Khu Kam”, for instance, remains unchallenged in its reigning popularity, boasting the highest ratings in the Thai TV industry to date. Meanwhile, "Love Destiny" not only surpassed a rating of 2.00 for the first time in years but also spurred a revived interest in Thai history and heritage tourism.
    Q: What about the genres and themes, specifically those related to Thai folklore?
    A: Diving deep into myriad themes, Thai dramas not only explore realms of romance, comedy, and action but also beautifully intertwine folk stories and local legends, bringing to life spirits and entities from Thai folklore in series like "Raeng Ngao" and utilizing traditional tales as seen in "Nang Sib Song" and "Thep Sarm Rudoo". As we wrap up our entrancing dialogue on Thai TV dramas, we leave you to explore and become enthralled by the tapestry of tales they weave, inviting you into worlds where the cultural, historical, and modern facets of Thai society entwine elegantly on the screen. Lights, camera, action - let the drama begin!