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A beautiful and skillful daughter of a village leader captivates many hopeful hearts with her grace and abilities in martial arts. Among her numerous admirers is a bold suitor, yet it is the son of a governor, a military cadet enjoying a break from his studies, who ultimately captures her heart when he witnesses her perform a traditional dance.

Their love blossoms quickly, filled with profound affection and longing. When it's time for the cadet to return to his duties, he vows to come back for her to seal their union in marriage. Tragically, fate intervenes; a devastating accident strips him of his memories, including those of his beloved.

Oblivious to his past promises, his life takes another turn as he is betrothed to the daughter of a distinguished family, arranged by his mother. Meanwhile, his village sweetheart, holding onto hope, embarks on a journey to reunite with him, only to be met with the crushing reality of his memory loss.

The years roll by, and the cadet now serves as a deputy commissioner, leading a life with a family of his own. The heartbroken maiden, now a mother to a daughter who mirrors her own beauty and skill, continues her life with the recognizable echo of past love.

Despite the passage of time and the transformation of their lives, the intricate dance of love and destiny continues to play out, reflecting the poignant and complex nature of human relationships and the power of memory.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 15 Jun 14, 2024
Episode 14 Jun 14, 2024
Episode 13 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 12 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 11 Jun 08, 2024
Episode 10 Jun 08, 2024
Episode 09 Jun 06, 2024
Episode 08 Jun 06, 2024
Episode 07 May 31, 2024
Episode 06 May 31, 2024
Episode 05 May 31, 2024
Episode 04 May 31, 2024
Episode 03 May 31, 2024
Episode 02 May 31, 2024
Episode 01 May 31, 2024