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Drama, Romance, Business, Law


In this emotional romantic drama, we follow the heartfelt journey of a woman who has faced a grave injustice due to a former lover's misdeeds. Once a respected lawyer, she finds herself swept off her feet and involved in illegal activities to save her partner from financial ruin. This decision not only results in her disbarment and incarceration but also leaves her emotionally shattered when she later discovers her ex-partner's betrayal through marriage to another.

Upon completing her sentence, the protagonist is determined to rebuild her life independently, fortified by the bitter lessons from her past. Her struggle and resilience catch the attention of a man who understands the heavy burden of emotional scars, as he himself is no stranger to pain. As he attempts to help her find her footing in a world that has knocked her down, she is resolved to reclaim her strength and confidence without leaning on others.

This tale is a deep exploration of trust, recovery, and the redemptive power of human connections, even when the previous bonds have failed — a moving narrative that is an adaptation of an evocative literary work.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 09 Nov 12, 2023
Episode 08 Nov 12, 2023
Episode 07 Nov 12, 2023
Episode 06 Nov 12, 2023
Episode 05 Nov 12, 2023
Episode 04 Nov 12, 2023
Episode 03 Nov 12, 2023
Episode 02 Nov 12, 2023
Episode 01 Nov 12, 2023

What people are saying

  • SillyJumanji

    Overall 3.5

    Story 1.5Acting 5.5Music 5Rewatch Value 1.5

    Continuously Familiar Tale

    The narrative thread in this latest series feels uncannily like a well-worn path previously traversed by an earlier show, Heart to Heart. It's a familiar dance of emotional highs and lows, dotted with a perennial sequence of romantic entanglements and reconciliations, interspersed with the typical morally ambiguous business tycoons. Regrettably, this formulaic pattern is too well-tread, ushering in a sense of deja vu that results in monotony and ultimately stretches the bounds of believability over the course of its run.

    Watching Zhang Han is...

    always a pleasing affair; however, his portrayal here does not stray from the beaten track, offering minimal variation in the spectrum of his emotions. He appears confined to the archetype of the stoic executive, showcasing an array of tailored suits rather than layers of character depth. One can't help but yearn for a project that would allow Zhang Han to break away from the mannequin-like corporate figurehead and truly showcase his versatility as an actor.

  • crazypenguin

    Overall 7

    Story 5.5Acting 9Music 9Rewatch Value 1.5

    The series kicked off with an engaging momentum, showcasing a narrative that briskly moved forward with compelling performances across the board. Yet, as the storyline progressed, the concluding segments felt increasingly stretched and taxing on one's patience. It was a show that, in hindsight, might have soared to greater heights had it concluded its arc several episodes sooner, which could have neatly sealed its fate as a flawless piece of television.

    Chemistry sparkled between the leads, infusing the story with a magnetic pull that was one...

    of the drama's saving graces. Notably, the presence of actor Zhang Han was a beacon of commitment for viewers, providing sufficient allure to see the series through to its end. Without such a draw, it's conceivable that many would have abandoned ship midway through the voyage.

    As for the script, it seemed as though inspiration faltered considerably for the creators towards the finale, leading to narrative convolutions that felt more like a trial than an enticing twist-filled adventure. Thankfully, the closing chapters did offer the solace of a cheerful resolution, providing a sense of closure that, at least, left viewers on a somewhat positive note.

    The talented ensemble cast was the drama's backbone, their efforts ensuring that the journey was not a fruitless one. Their collective talents salvaged what could easily have become a forgettable foray into the melodramatic realm, elevating it and making the time invested in the series justifiable.

  • coolpinocchio21

    Overall 6

    Story 6Acting 10Music 7Rewatch Value 4

    This review may contain spoilers
    The series kicks off with a heart-rending narrative steeped in past betrayals and a love story blossoming from animosity – an engaging hook, no doubt. However, as the episodes unfurl, the plot seems to trudge along a tediously winding path. Imagine a roller coaster, one that's replete with relentless peaks and troughs – that's the trajectory of the story, albeit less thrilling. Viewers witness a tug-of-war of emotions, where the lead actress incessantly chases after the object of her affection,...

    and he, in turn, perpetually comes to her rescue. Their promises to remain inseparably bonded, despite all adversities, play like a stuck record throughout the series.

    Just as the story meanders towards a resolution, with all conflicts seemingly pacified, a twist arises; the lead actor absconds for the benefit of his beloved, prompting yet another tedious pursuit before the curtains draw to a close. Admittedly, the narrative lacks originality and might leave many yearning for more substance.

    Despite the compelling urge to abandon the series, the redeeming quality lies in the lead actor's exquisite performance. His portrayal is so convincing, so imbued with authenticity, that one might suspect the scenes mirror his real-life experiences. It's this magnetic interpretation that serves as the lifeline of the drama, compelling enough to see the occasionally dreary journey through to its conclusion.

  • bluntpenguin

    Overall 5

    Story 5Acting 6Music 7.5Rewatch Value 1

    Be advised that this review may reveal key plot elements
    The series that initially captured my interest with its promising storyline rapidly devolved into a source of exasperation. Our protagonist's mother epitomizes vexation, with her unyielding and irksome demeanor. The narrative, at first shared between the romantic and the chaotic, soon hands the baton fully to the latter as Jia Bei becomes the architect of her own farcical plight, only to be succeeded by her sister’s equally muddling endeavors.

    The latter's role in the tale seems...

    superfluous, merely adding to the cacophony rather than providing substance or development. Even amid the unfolding drama, it becomes clear that the blame lies heavily on Jia Bei’s shoulders, a fact recognized by her own kin, yet they inexplicably choose to fuel their patriarch’s quest for vendetta rather than quell the fires.

    Turning our gaze to Jiang Jie, one can scarcely contain their dismay; his relentless missteps are matched only by his perplexing penchant for manipulation. The ethos of love he presents is far from admirable, an embodiment of self-centered affection rather than a genuine connection.

    As for the leads, they persistently forgo their happiness for the sake of others, embarking on an endless cycle of needless martyrdom. One can't help but question the writer's rationale, as the narrative could have succinctly concluded much earlier. Instead, it trudges on laboriously, punctuated by redundant twists that do little more than prolong the viewers’ sighs. In essence, the series overstays its welcome, deviating from a potentially concise and impactful drama to an exercise in patience-testing melodrama.

  • roughjennifer

    Overall 4.5

    Story 3.5Acting 7Music 7Rewatch Value 1

    This drama series could potentially be one of the most exasperating experiences for viewers, saved in part by the captivating performance of the male protagonist, portrayed by Han Zhang. His character, Tong Zhuo Yao, remained the shining beacon throughout a narrative journey that began with an explosive start and a riveting storyline but soon took a nosedive into an abyss of overexploited tropes centered around unnecessary romantic separations.

    Despite the palpable chemistry between the lead characters, the series relentlessly tested the audience's endurance, offering mere glimpses...

    of their affectionate connection, only to shatter it time and again with another round of partings under the guise of self-sacrifice. Such repetition robbed the series of its entertainment value, leaving a residue of frustration rather than enjoyment.

    The principal ensemble brought their A-game, skillfully embodying their roles within the constraints of their character development—or lack thereof. Yet, their laudable efforts could hardly salvage a show that seemed to revel in its own melancholy, growing heavier with each passing minute.

    Adding to the show's trials, the narrative didn't stop at one lovelorn character but multiplied the despair, featuring a trio of unrequited lovers. It's hard not to sympathize with the actors trapped within these one-dimensional roles, contributing to a storyline that arguably did little justice to their talents.