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Historical, Food
Hong Kong


In this culinary-themed TV series, the protagonist is a gifted gastronome, whose skills in identifying flavors and understanding food are unparalleled, honed since his early years. Life, however, takes an unexpected turn due to troubles at home, forcing him and his devoted companion to eke out a living on the streets, peddling steamed buns to passersby.

Through his connection with culinary delights, the protagonist crosses paths with a diverse group of women: a vivacious street performer, a renowned beauty of the city, and a talented female cook, each shaping his journey in different ways. It is by a twist of fate that a noble member of the kingdom takes notice of his exceptional palatal abilities and secures him a position in the esteemed palace kitchens.

Amidst the grandeur of the royal palace, he reunites with a former rival, sparking off intense culinary confrontations. Unbeknownst to him, his presence in the palace drags him into the sinister conspiracies woven by a malevolent royal, risking not just his career but also a potential cataclysm in the corridors of power. The series blends the zest of gastronomy with the intrigue of palace politics, cooking up a plot simmering with intense rivalries and dangerous alliances.

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Episode 25End Feb 07, 2024
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What people are saying

  • SourRobert56

    Overall 7

    Story 7Acting 8Music 6Rewatch Value 7

    As I was perusing the offerings of a now-defunct streaming platform devoted to Asian dramas, I stumbled upon a series that exuded the unmistakable vibes of a comedic drama, the moment its theme song embraced the air. My instincts were spot on, as what unfolded was an amusing tale straddling whimsy and flavor.

    In the heart of this series is a bumbling yet uniquely gifted chef, portrayed with charming ineptitude by an actor whose comedic timing is as precise as his on-screen culinary instincts. This character's...

    knack for discerning the culinary spectrum from delectable to disastrous paves his way to an unlikely friendship with an imperial figure entangled in a fierce struggle for power.

    The duo's camaraderie weathers numerous challenges, enriching the narrative with humor and heart, a testament to their shared on-screen chemistry. Drawing inspiration from an iconic piece of wuxia literature penned by a master of the genre, the series merges historical nuances with rollicking amusement.

    Growing up immersed in the world of dramas from a widely celebrated production station, the ensemble of familiar faces welcomed me like old friends. Yet, it was this fresh face who stole the spotlight, defying the conventional expectations of a dashing protagonist with his raw comedic talent and endearing screen presence – a delightful deviation that echoes the appeal of seasoned performers known for their humor and charisma.

    So captivated was I by this series' blend of slapstick comedy and historical charm, that I found myself enthusiastically recommending it to family, a sure sign it had struck a chord. It's an ode to storytelling that doesn't take itself too seriously, yet manages to leave a memorable impression.

  • BraveLion73

    Overall 8

    Story 7Acting 7Music 6Rewatch Value 6

    A foray into the culinary delights and comedic undertones of yesteryear's drama wrapped around the delectable subject of salted fish buns—does that whet the appetite? Historically themed sitcoms from TVB have been hit or miss with me, especially considering the previous inclination towards groan-inducing, over-the-top humor that I can't quite stomach. Thankfully, this series was a recipe with different ingredients. What initially was served with a side of chuckles maturely simmered into a more dramatic stew as the episodes unfolded—an evolution of storytelling that I...


    Embarking on this series, I harbored hopes that its humor wouldn't be doused in the slapstick sauce, and I was gratified by its more nuanced flavor. Credit must be given to the lead male comedic talent—he was the perfect garnish to this dish, infusing each scene with a distinctive charisma that left me doubting whether any other actor could have fulfilled the recipe quite so well.

    The fresh face among the cast, while occasionally serving up performances that might have needed a pinch more seasoning, added a charming innocence to her role, making her character endearing despite the greenness. She's certainly one whose journey I'll be watching, hopefully seeing her skills rise like a well-kneaded dough.

    Amidst a smorgasbord of characters, only a select few managed to capture my full attention. The female lead's depiction felt undercooked, perhaps not entirely of her own doing but rather a consequence of an underwhelming character portrayal, lacking a certain zest. On the other hand, the contributions of two other cast members felt like they could have used a tad more spice to truly pique my interest.

    The opening notes of the series, however, deserve a toast—an infectious, peppy anthem that prepared the palate perfectly for the episodes to follow.

    While I'm not rushing for seconds and this might not find its way back onto my personal menu, there's a certain lightness and enjoyment to be had in this offering. The series is akin to an agreeable appetizer—opt for it when you're in the mood for something not too heavy but with enough substance to entertain. After my time with it, I found myself craving more performances by the lead male—who could blame me? Yet, finding those additional servings proved rather challenging.

    In sum, this dish is best served to those with an available slot in their viewing queue, desiring a taste of laughter-seasoned drama.