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In this romantic series, the plot unfolds with an intriguing case of mistaken identity, as a wealthy individual's servant assumes the guise of his master to court a woman, who is herself a servant masquerading as someone from an affluent background. Embarking on a date, the two servants are captivated by a mutual attraction, all the while unaware of the other's deception.

As the facade is on the verge of collapsing, the masters of both servants step in and demand a confession, but their subordinates persist in the charade. Complications arise when the true master encounters the supposed high-society lady and, struck by her charms, falls deeply in love. This prompts him to command his servant to uphold the illusion.

As the master and the servant-slash-pretend-noblewoman spend time together, their affection grows, leading to a heartfelt connection. The narrative drives towards a poignant question: when the truth of their identities finally comes to light, can love triumph over the pretense that brought them together? The series engages with the insecurities and social expectations that come with matters of the heart, ultimately exploring whether genuine emotions can pave the way for acceptance and understanding.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 06 Jun 13, 2024
Episode 05 Jun 13, 2024
Episode 04 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 03 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 02 Jun 06, 2024
Episode 01 Jun 06, 2024