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In this captivating TV series, the protagonist, Pareena, experiences a devastating blow with the loss of her beloved father. As she delves into the truth behind her father's untimely passing, she embarks on a journey to uncover the mystery while also seeking to restore her father's cherished reputation.

Throughout her quest, Pareena discovers a startling revelation about the complex nature of human personalities. Not only does she realize that her late father had layers to his character, but also encounters Korn, a rebellious and free-spirited individual, and Karn, her seemingly flawless brother. Their behaviors serve as a reminder that people can exhibit vastly different sides depending on the circumstances.

Pareena's investigation leads her to acknowledge that where there is brightness, there are also shadows. Imperfection is an inherent part of humanity, and this truth becomes increasingly apparent as she unearths deeper secrets.

Based on the novel "Tai Ngao Tawan" by Piyaphon Sakkasem, this series promises to immerse viewers in a journey of mystery, honor restoration, and profound self-discovery.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 01 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 02 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 03 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 04 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 05 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 06 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 07 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 08 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 09 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 10 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 11 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 12 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 13 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 14 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 15 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 15 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 16 Nov 23, 2023
Episode 17END Nov 23, 2023

What people are saying

  • youngdwayne14

    Overall 7.5

    Story 7.5Acting 9Music 5.5Rewatch Value 6.5

    Hey there! So, I recently watched this TV series that I gotta say had some hits and misses. It's called "Eclipse of the Heart" and it falls into the revenge/romance genre. Now, visually, this show is a stunner. They clearly invested a lot in production value, with amazing lighting, beautiful filming locations, and impressive cinematography. It's definitely a step forward for Thai dramas in terms of aesthetics.

    The main characters, Mark and Bow, had some great chemistry but it was a bit inconsistent at times. However,...

    when they were in sync, they were absolutely outstanding. If you're a fan of romance and familiar with the genre, you could probably skip through some parts without missing much. The plot isn't exactly groundbreaking, but there are moments that really tug at your heartstrings and leave an impact.

    Now, when it comes to performances, Bow seemed a bit stiff in her crying scenes, but she eventually found her groove and delivered a solid performance. Mark, on the other hand, was phenomenal. He keeps getting better with each project, and his portrayal of Korn was truly captivating.

    But here's the thing, despite all its visual appeal and good performances, "Eclipse of the Heart" suffers from forgettability. It's a common problem with this kind of lakorn, where the beginning drops you into the story without giving enough context, leaving you feeling a bit disconnected. Personally, I never quite recovered from that jarring introduction, and I found myself frequently uninterested throughout the series.

    And let's not forget the irritating side characters. They felt like exaggerated stereotypes and didn't really add much to the overall plot. There was this one character, a cheating husband, and his family drama that just made me cringe.

    The pacing of the show was also a bit off. It felt both too long and too short at the same time, which is never a good sign. The final arc dragged on, and by then, a lot of the momentum and mystery had been lost. I just wanted it to be over. And let me tell you, the contrived dramatic tension towards the end didn't help either. It felt forced and ended up undoing all the character development, leaving me exhausted rather than satisfied.

    All that being said, there were some truly intimate and genuine moments between the main couple that gave me chills. As a romance addict, those scenes made it all worthwhile for me. But if romance isn't your thing, you might want to skip this one. The romance is the highlight, but the rest of the show follows a pretty formulaic pattern.

    Overall, "Eclipse of the Heart" had the potential to be a real gem if it had a stronger foundation and better pacing. It's definitely more refined compared to similar shows, but it falls short due to some missteps. That being said, I still believe in the future of lakorns. They're slowly but surely improving, and that gives me hope.

  • lazyviola22

    Overall 1.5

    Story 1.5Acting 9Music 5Rewatch Value 1

    I am extremely disappointed and would like to warn all potential viewers of this highly anticipated TV series. The story itself is a complete disappointment, lacking substance and coherence. Throughout the episodes, the male lead's character development is lacking, with very few meaningful scenes. Instead, the focus shifts to other characters who receive more screen time than the main leads. Without any proper build-up, the series suddenly introduces romantic relationships within a single episode, which is difficult to comprehend.

    As a fan of the lead actor,...

    I had high hopes for this drama since I enjoyed his previous work. However, this series raises doubts about his ability to maintain his superstar status. "Eclipse of the Heart" feels like watching attractive actors do nothing but tarnish their image with a lackluster storyline. At one point, I found myself thinking that I could write a better script. It seems as though the scriptwriter may have been under the influence while drafting this series, resulting in a convoluted and directionless narrative.

    After enduring disappointment upon disappointment throughout the series, it feels unsatisfying to witness the couples involved in empty romantic scenes. If you are considering watching this, I strongly recommend revisiting the entertaining and enjoyable "Kleun Cheevit" instead. This TV series is nothing short of a headache, and I would gladly rewatch "Kleun Cheevit" or "Hua Jai Sila" during that time instead of giving "Eclipse of the Heart" another chance.