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In a tale of love and vengeance, a young woman carries the weight of her mother's bitter memories. Her mother's past is marred by a broken promise of marriage from a prominent family, and this fuels a fire in the daughter's heart to seek retribution. Fueled by filial loyalty, the young woman devises a plan to infiltrate a company under the control of the very family that caused her mother's heartache. Her mission is simple yet devastating: seduce the unsuspecting member of that influential family to ultimately break his heart.

However, the heart is a tricky thing, and the universe seems to have a sense of irony. When the young woman is introduced to the company's esteemed president, she is stunned to find that he is the same gallant soldier who once played the hero in her own story, rescuing her and leaving an indelible mark on her life. His charm and presence sway her in ways she did not anticipate, stirring emotions that contradict her vengeful plan.

As emotions entangle with duty, the young woman stands at a crossroads. The path of vengeance she set out upon is now clashing with the fervent beats of her heart – for how can she destroy the man who once saved her, and whom she's unwittingly come to love? It's a dilemma that tests the boundaries of loyalty and the potency of retribution as she grapples with a destiny that may have been set in motion long before she had a say in it. This tale of conflicted hearts weaves a narrative where the legacy of the past challenges the promises of the future, all stemming from a mother’s unhealed wounds and the pages of a novel that gave life to this poignant drama.

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Episode 16 Jul 13, 2024
Episode 15 Jul 13, 2024
Episode 14 Jul 12, 2024
Episode 13 Jul 12, 2024
Episode 12 Jul 10, 2024
Episode 11 Jul 10, 2024
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Episode 01 Jun 23, 2024