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In the lush and alluring landscapes of Northern Thailand, a noblewoman who carries the weight of her family's expectations on her shoulders crosses paths with a gallant military doctor from a prestigious but estranged family. The woman's life is an unwavering pursuit of her mother's elusive affection and approval, a task as daunting as it is emotionally taxing. Her mother, a figure both admired and feared, has not forgotten the sting of a broken engagement that fractured two families.

As fate would have it, the young doctor, whose career in the military medical corps is marked by honor and compassion, becomes enamored with the noblewoman during their shared efforts to combat the shadowy and perilous world of drug trade unsettling the region. Their blossoming romance is anything but straightforward, hemmed in by past grievances and the ongoing peril that surrounds them.

The echoes of an old scandal, involving the young woman's mother and the doctor's father, looms over their tentative courtship. The doctor's father, years ago, had forsaken a promised union with the noblewoman’s mother for another, an affront that time has done little to heal.

With her mother's unequivocal disapproval forming a formidable barrier, the question remains: Will the young woman heed the desires of her own heart, or will the longstanding rift between the Dhevaproms and the Juthatheps dictate her fate, rendering their love story another casualty of their families' feuded history?

The narrative, steeped in drama and the complexities of family legacy, explores whether love can truly conquer all, or if some divides are simply too wide to bridge. This tale, echoing the depth and nuances of its literary origins, weaves a captivating story of romance against the odds, set against a backdrop of societal duty and the dangerous undercurrents of criminal warfare.

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Episode 10 May 18, 2024
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