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Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, Wuxia


In a prosperous era known as the Tang Dynasty, where humans have triumphed over the powerful Great Dragon king, a prestigious academy called Moyun stands as the pinnacle of education in Great Tang. Legends suggest that a student from this academy holds the key to the dragon king's resurrection and the reawakening of the clan Kunwu.

The delicate balance of peace is disrupted with the arrival of three individuals: Li Xuan, a unique being born of both human and Kunwu lineage; Su YouLian, a revered saintess; and Long Wei Er, a prince. As their paths intertwine, a complex relationship forms between them. Li Xuan, soon hailed as a hero by the people, faces an agonizing choice between his own identity and desires, and his duty to his nation and the companions he has known since childhood.

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What people are saying

  • RoughLuo40

    Overall 7.5

    Story 7.5Acting 7.5Music 10Rewatch Value 1

    I totally dig the concept of this series. As a major fan of historical dramas, a little splash of romance is just icing on the cake for me. What I really dig about the series is that the action-packed fight scenes are pretty wicked. There's a touch of mystery, but nothing too mind-blowing. Now, let me spill the beans on my least favorite thing - the characters believing a lie till the bitter end. The acting, fighting, and overall plot is on point, and the...

    costumes totally fit the time period. If you're into a lively historical drama/comedy, this one might tickle your fancy.

    But let's not beat around the bush, there's something that grinds my gears about the way the writers drop a bombshell at the very end. And let me tell ya, that bombshell is a bit of a letdown. You'd expect a massive showdown to go down, but it never really happens. I mean, I've seen so many episodes where someone's being fed a load of lies, and when they eventually uncover the truth, all they do is get mad. No epic battles, nothin'. The female lead ain't exactly detested, but she ain't someone I was ever rooting hardcore for either. It's weird, 'cause she's supposed to be the good guy, but she hardly smiles, never shows remorse for deceiving others. To me, she just seems like a user. Sure, she's got a mission and all, but she ends up using all these genuinely decent folks she encounters along the way, and everyone kinda turns a blind eye 'cause of her mission.

    The ending, let me tell ya, is a real buzzkill. Like, seriously anti-climatic, and to be honest, it doesn't make sense to me considering everything that's been revealed. They should've given it a different ending. But nope, we're stuck with a weird one. It's not a cliffhanger or anything, and yeah, our leads kinda come together in some way, but after the final episode, you'll have more questions than answers. Personally, I ain't too keen on watching a potential second season, assuming they even make one.

    Bottom line is, this series will definitely tickle your funny bone. The baddies aren't really all that villainous. In fact, the biggest baddie is someone the writers decided is a good guy. So, fret not, you won't have to deal with overly wicked folks or any mind-boggling mysteries. Plus, some of the characters are downright adorable and hilarious. Although our main duo has a relationship, I ain't gonna lie, I didn't feel a real spark between them. Sure, they had some solid screen time, but that chemistry just didn't hit the mark for me. Maybe it's 'cause our leading lady seemed to be sporting a frown 99% of the time. How do you expect good chemistry with that?

    Do I absolutely hate it? Nah. Would I recommend it? Yeah, I guess. Is it all romantic and stuff? Not really. Is there action? Heck yeah. Does it have a mind-blowing ending? Well, that's up for interpretation, my friend. Is it my ultimate fave? Nope. Will I give it a rewatch? Nah, not really feeling it. If a sequel comes along, will I give it a whirl? Nope, not my cup of tea.

  • calmleonardo55

    Overall 7

    Story 6.5Acting 6.5Music 7Rewatch Value 3

    Once upon a time, there was a TV series that started off with a lot of promise. It grabbed my attention right from the beginning and left me wanting more. The main character, played by the talented Xu Kai, was truly devoted to the female lead, and his acting was impeccable. He had a way of expressing his emotions that was both captivating and believable.

    Of course, Xu Kai wasn't the only good actor in the series. The entire cast did a great job in their...

    roles. But it was Xu Kai's performance that really stood out for me. I couldn't help but watch through all the episodes just to see more of him on screen.

    The story itself had a fascinating synopsis and the first few episodes delivered on that promise. It had me hooked and eager to dive deeper into the plot. However, as the series progressed, new characters were introduced and things started to get complicated. While I appreciated the attempt to add depth and complexity, it sometimes felt overwhelming. I found myself wanting more explanation and clarity.

    And then, before I knew it, I had reached the final episode. It came seemingly out of nowhere, leaving me with a mix of emotions. On one hand, I was excited to see how everything would be wrapped up. On the other hand, I had so many unanswered questions swirling in my head.

    Unfortunately, the ending left a lot to be desired. It felt abrupt and left me scratching my head. I was hoping for more explanation, closure, and resolution. Instead, I was left with a sense of confusion and a longing for answers. It was as if the characters were trapped in an alternate realm with no hope of escape.

    Overall, while the TV series had a promising start with great acting and a captivating story, it fell short in terms of character development and delivering a satisfying ending. It left me wanting more, not because I was left hungry for more episodes, but because I was left hungry for answers and resolution.

  • SourDieHard94

    Overall 9

    Story 9Acting 9Music 9.5Rewatch Value 9

    I absolutely loved it! Before I dive into my review, let me just say that I am completely biased. I am a huge fan of Xu Kai, and he never fails to impress me with his acting skills. So, take my review with a grain of salt, but I genuinely adore this drama.

    Now, let's talk about "Dance of the Sky Empire" (DoSE). I know it has received some negative critiques, but I'm here to tell you why I think it's fantastic. Yes, there are a...

    few minor spoilers ahead, so beware!

    First of all, let's address the serious tone issue. Some viewers expected a deep, mind-bending spy drama, but DoSE is actually a funny, romantic, school drama set in an ancient/fantasy world. The whole spy subplot serves as a unique way to create misunderstandings and obstacles for the main characters. And boy, does it succeed! This drama had me laughing, swooning, and tearing up from start to finish.

    Speaking of romance, the chemistry between the leads is off the charts. Watching their relationship unfold was an emotional rollercoaster. From hilarious school moments to heartwarming encounters inside the realm, I couldn't help but root for their love. And let me tell you, the crying scenes in this drama are next level. Xu Kai's performance had me convinced that he has a tear-flow control button. It's insane!

    Now, let's talk about the supporting cast. They were lovable and added so much depth to the story. Shoutout to Zhou Jun Chao, who played Xiao Feng Ming brilliantly. I saw him as a villain in "Handsome Siblings," and he's definitely a rising star. The best friends, Chang Qing and Ling Cheng, also stole my heart with their strong bond. And I can't forget to mention Zhang Song, who portrayed the dorky crown prince flawlessly. His talent is undeniable!

    But one minus point goes to the siblings from the country of Sha Guo. They were beautiful, no doubt, but their performances as the main leads fell a bit flat. The romance scenes between them seemed forced, and the chemistry was lacking.

    As for the pacing, DoSE had me hooked from the first episode. I couldn't wait to binge-watch the entire drama, and the episodes flew by. Yes, the last few episodes felt slightly rushed, but overall, it was suitable for a light-hearted school romance like this one.

    Now, let's talk technicalities. Despite being a low-budget drama, the production team did an excellent job. The CGI in the fighting scenes was surprisingly well-done, unlike many other Chinese dramas. I also adored the internal designs of the rooms, making me wish I could live in those student dorms. And the songs? Simply beautiful. They've become a regular addition to my playlist.

    Finally, the ending. I won't spoil it, but I thought it was a solid conclusion. The drama built up to a satisfying climax, and I appreciated the emphasis on forgiveness and letting go of hate. It was refreshing to see a historical Wu Xia drama that focused on more than just revenge.

    In conclusion, I would give "Dance of the Sky Empire" a solid rating. It checks all the boxes for a great school romance drama: comedy, romance, and heart-wrenching moments. If you're a fan of romance, friendship, and school dramas with a bit more depth and twists, I highly recommend giving this one a watch. And for all the Xu Kai fans out there, this is a must-see!

  • dullspaceballs

    Overall 7

    Story 6.5Acting 8Music 8Rewatch Value 5

    Once in a while, there comes a drama that leaves us with mixed feelings. It's like chasing a fantasy, hoping it would captivate us, but stumbling upon some flaws along the way. This drama had that effect on me, and here are my thoughts.

    The story started off on a promising note, filled with humor and amusing moments. I found myself enjoying the scenes at the Academy, each one bringing a smile to my face. However, as the episodes progressed, the fun seemed to fade away....

    The pacing became a problem, with some moments dragging on while others were abruptly cut short. It was as if the writers couldn't quite strike the right balance.

    One issue I had was the excessive focus on the second couple and the love triangle dynamics. This took away precious screen time from the main story, resulting in a slow progression. It wasn't until a few episodes later that the important plot points began to surface, and even then, they felt rushed and lacked the proper build-up.

    Despite these shortcomings, the acting was decent overall. Xu Kai, as always, impressed with his charisma and charm. He played his role with flair, essentially carrying the weight of the drama on his shoulders. Wu Jiayi, although criticized by some, wasn't as bad as portrayed. She held her own and delivered her character adequately.

    Moving on to the CGI effects, they fell somewhere in the middle of the quality spectrum. While not groundbreaking, they were passable. However, after watching numerous other C-dramas, I've come to accept that CGI is not always a strong point in this particular genre.

    Now, let's address some plot holes, but beware of spoilers ahead. One glaring issue was the lack of surprise from Su Youlian when she discovered Li Xuan's true identity. It felt poorly executed, as she showed little to no emotional reaction. Perhaps there was a scene that got cut, but regardless, it was an unacceptable oversight.

    Another logic gap was Su Youlian's need for a rope to descend from the mountain despite having wings. This inconsistency left me scratching my head, questioning the writers' attention to detail.

    Furthermore, Li Xuan's friends were initially surprised to learn that Xiao Feng Ming was behind the murder. But in just a matter of seconds, they confidently spoke of Xiao Feng Ming's power, as if they already knew the real culprit. It felt like a jarring editing mistake, leaving me confused as to what the characters truly knew.

    Lastly, where was FL's master when Li Xuan's identity was revealed? It was disappointing to see such an annoying character play a significant part without witnessing their reaction. It left a void in the story that could have been filled with an intriguing response.

    In conclusion, this drama falls somewhere in the middle. It wouldn't be fair to label it as exceptional, but it certainly isn't trash either. It had the potential to be so much better, but it fell short in various aspects. Ultimately, it left me feeling disappointed, longing for more.

  • softaliens53

    Overall 8

    Story 7Acting 9.5Music 10Rewatch Value 4.5

    So, there's this TV series I watched recently that combines fantasy and martial arts. At first, I was really into it and enjoyed the story. But towards the end, things started to feel a bit off. I was kind of disappointed with how the plot unfolded and how the ending was rushed to give everyone a happy ending.

    Let me give you a quick rundown of the story. The main character is a female holy priest from the Kun Lun tribe. She's on a mission to...

    find a key that can unlock the seal of the Kun Lun king. Along the way, she disguises herself to get into a school where they teach magic and powers, kinda like Hogwarts. There, she meets the male lead who is the protector of the seal of the human tribe but has forgotten his true identity.

    The two leads fall in love, but there's a lot of miscommunication between them that causes unnecessary problems. Plus, there's this whole thing about the Kun Lun king's inner demon spirit being inside one of the students at the school. It all comes to a head in the last episode, which focuses on this character.

    Oh, and there's also this subplot about a girl who dresses as a boy and is actually a prince from the human world. The male lead finds out her true gender and she develops feelings for him, but honestly, that whole arc felt like a waste of time.

    Despite these flaws, the romance between the main characters was cute and sweet. They had some really nice scenes together that helped develop their relationship, and the kisses didn't feel forced. The actors playing the leads were also very attractive, but I have to say the prince from the desert was the most handsome.

    Overall, despite a few plot holes, it was still an enjoyable watch. I just wish the female lead had been more honest about her motives and that there were more exciting fight scenes against various creatures.