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In this gripping television drama, we delve into the life of a beautiful high school senior who holds a deep bond with her father. Tragically, their connection is severed when, en route to his daughter's athletic event, the father is fatally involved in an automobile accident with a wealthy widower's vehicle.

The widower, who has a young daughter and lives with his sibling, becomes entwined with the high school student’s life when he learns of her precarious situation. Her stepmother, driven by greed and desperation, has plotted to hand over her stepdaughter to settle her debts with an unscrupulous operator of gambling establishments. This revelation prompts the affluent single father to propose marriage as a means of protection.

Yet, wedded bliss is far from assured. Trust is scarce as the widower harbors doubts concerning the girl's family, while her calculating stepmother weaves plans to draw her own child into the wealthy man's inner circle. The young woman and the widower must weather a storm of manipulation and mistrust in their quest for love and stability.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 19 Jun 14, 2024
Episode 18 Jun 13, 2024
Episode 17 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 16 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 15 Jun 08, 2024
Episode 14 Jun 08, 2024
Episode 13 Jun 04, 2024
Episode 12 Jun 03, 2024
Episode 11 Jun 01, 2024
Episode 10 Jun 01, 2024
Episode 09 May 30, 2024
Episode 08 May 30, 2024
Episode 07 May 25, 2024
Episode 06 May 23, 2024
Episode 05 May 22, 2024
Episode 04 May 18, 2024
Episode 03 May 17, 2024
Episode 02 May 16, 2024
Episode 01 May 16, 2024

What people are saying

  • sweetjodie70

    Overall 7.5

    Story 7Acting 8.5Music 9.5Rewatch Value 6

    Please note that this review contains spoilers. The show's storyline follows the classic trope of transitioning from animosity to affection. However, the overall development of the plot left much to be desired. The female lead's character was portrayed as overly naive and simplistic, which detracted from her likeability. Despite this, the supporting characters were well portrayed, with the secondary couple particularly shining in their on-screen chemistry. The siblings of the main characters, Tai and Soun, added depth to the story and could have benefited from...

    more screen time. On the other hand, the typical villainous roles of the stepmother and the overly possessive friend felt somewhat cliché and dragged down the narrative. Weir delivered a strong performance as expected, and the dynamic between the father and daughter brought emotional depth to the series. With a more nuanced portrayal of the female lead and toned-down antagonistic characters, the show could have reached its full potential.

  • wisetoucan53

    Overall 8

    Story 7Acting 9Music 5Rewatch Value 1

    If you are searching for a series that combines drama with a compelling and resilient female lead, look no further. The initial age gap between the main characters may raise some concerns, but as the story unfolds, it becomes hard not to emotionally invest in their journey towards a possible relationship. Despite its slow pacing and the anticipation for significant events, the gradual development of the central romance adds depth to the narrative. While it may have taken some time for the romantic aspect to...

    fully flourish, the portrayal of the age gap was handled with sensitivity and nuance. Although not a series I would revisit, it offers a heartwarming and engaging viewing experience, leaving you cheering for the well-crafted characters until the end.

  • toughjulia43

    Overall 6.5

    Story 3.5Acting 8.5Music 7Rewatch Value 2

    Caution: Major spoilers ahead.

    A binge-watch that left me with mixed feelings. The premise was intriguing, but execution missed the mark entirely. The problematic age gap between the characters was a glaring concern from the start, and the series failed to convincingly justify their relationship. The older male lead's paternal mannerisms towards the younger female character, who was reminiscent of his deceased father, only heightened the discomfort.

    The plot moved at a sluggish pace, primarily due to the characters' lack of depth and ambition. Both protagonists seemed...

    to lack clear goals or personal development, making it hard to invest in their journey. The female lead, initially portrayed as spirited, regrettably morphed into a passive and easily manipulated individual as the story unfolded.

    The romantic chemistry felt forced, with little basis beyond superficial interactions. The mismatched dynamic between the characters further detracted from their supposed attraction. Supporting characters provided some relief, but even their narrative arcs felt contrived at times.

    The antagonist's presence injected some much-needed tension, but unresolved subplots left a sense of dissatisfaction. Dark themes such as off-screen violence were introduced but not adequately explored, leading to a lackluster conclusion.

    In conclusion, the series heavily relied on the questionable premise of an underage protagonist falling for an older man, ultimately hindering its overall quality. The characters' lack of growth and connection made it challenging to fully invest in their relationship, resulting in a lackluster viewing experience.