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In a small Thai community where traditional dance is both a cultural cornerstone and a competitive arena, a young girl’s passion for the traditional Pong Lang dance is met with resistance from her mother, a renowned dancer of yesteryear with a mysterious aversion to her daughter's involvement in the same field. As the community's once-celebrated dance group plans a resurgence, the young girl's talent catches the eye of the group's founder, who sees potential in the girl for the revival. Her son, entangled in his own skepticism about the group's return and the motives of a certain individual, embarks on a covert investigation.

The girl's determination is further fueled by her encounters with the progeny of another legendary dancer, whose history is intertwined with the dance group's untimely disbandment. Alongside her loyal friend, she navigates the complexities of dance politics and familial expectations.

When an unlikely ally emerges, enabling the girl and her friend to join the troupe, she sees a pathway not only to fulfill her artistic ambition but also to unravel the enigmatic history that has kept her from embracing her heritage fully. The dance floor becomes an arena for legacy and revelation as she steps closer to finding out the reasons behind her parents' reticence regarding her dancing dreams.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 13 Jul 18, 2024
Episode 12 Jul 18, 2024
Episode 11 Jul 15, 2024
Episode 10 Jul 15, 2024
Episode 09 Jul 12, 2024
Episode 08 Jul 12, 2024
Episode 07 Jul 09, 2024
Episode 06 Jul 09, 2024
Episode 05 Jul 09, 2024
Episode 04 Jul 05, 2024
Episode 03 Jul 05, 2024
Episode 02 Jul 04, 2024
Episode 01 Jul 04, 2024