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Drama, Romance


Two sisters, Urawee and Unthiga, engage in an intense rivalry, competing against each other at every turn. They make a risky wager, using the affection of two brothers as the ultimate prize. Urawee, driven by her disbelief in true love, plans to utilize this opportunity to seek vengeance against her sister. Meanwhile, Unthiga is determined to win the heart of the man she adores through any means necessary. Little do they know, however, that they are not the ones pulling the strings in this intricate game.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 40END Nov 22, 2023
Episode 39 Nov 21, 2023
Episode 38 Nov 20, 2023
Episode 37 Nov 18, 2023
Episode 36 Nov 16, 2023
Episode 01 Nov 16, 2023
Episode 35 Nov 15, 2023
Episode 34 Nov 14, 2023
Episode 33 Nov 11, 2023
Episode 32 Nov 11, 2023
Episode 31 Nov 09, 2023
Episode 30 Nov 09, 2023
Episode 29 Nov 08, 2023
Episode 28 Nov 06, 2023
Episode 27 Nov 04, 2023
Episode 26 Nov 04, 2023
Episode 25 Nov 02, 2023
Episode 24 Nov 01, 2023
Episode 23 Oct 31, 2023
Episode 22 Oct 31, 2023
Episode 21 Oct 27, 2023
Episode 20 Oct 25, 2023
Episode 19 Oct 25, 2023
Episode 18 Oct 24, 2023
Episode 17 Oct 21, 2023
Episode 16 Oct 19, 2023
Episode 15 Oct 19, 2023
Episode 14 Oct 19, 2023
Episode 13 Oct 17, 2023
Episode 12 Oct 17, 2023
Episode 11 Oct 17, 2023
Episode 10 Oct 12, 2023
Episode 09 Oct 11, 2023
Episode 08 Oct 10, 2023
Episode 07 Oct 07, 2023
Episode 06 Oct 07, 2023
Episode 05 Oct 05, 2023
Episode 04 Oct 03, 2023
Episode 03 Oct 02, 2023
Episode 02 Oct 02, 2023
Episode 01 Oct 02, 2023

What people are saying

  • ShyAmadeus

    Overall 1

    Story 1Acting 8Music 1Rewatch Value 1

    Once upon a time in a world filled with glitz and glamour, there was a TV series that left me utterly perplexed. It revolved around two sisters, and let me tell you, their relationship was anything but normal. The strange thing was, everyone around them seemed to be in the know about their secret affair. Yet, they chose to play dumb, getting tangled in a web of deception and childish games. It made me wonder, were they trying to fool us or were they simply...

    fooling themselves?

    As the story unfolded, I hoped for a dash of romance to lighten the dark clouds hanging over this series. Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found. Instead, all I got were flashy costumes and a grand production. While visually appealing, it felt as though something was missing. It lacked substance, and the actors' performances were overshadowed by the superficiality of it all.

    The only redeeming factor was the occasional "slap-kiss" scenes that added some excitement to the mix. But even those moments couldn't salvage the overall experience. It felt like they were trying to distract us from the shallow plotline and lack of character development.

    It's worth mentioning that this series was part of the Thai media industry, which seems to have an inexplicable obsession with this slap-kiss concept. Sadly, this obsession often comes at the expense of other crucial elements that make a drama truly interesting.

    In the end, all I can say is that this series fell short of my expectations. It relied heavily on the allure of its leading ladies, but failed to deliver a compelling story. Ultimately, it left me questioning the choices made by the writers and producers. Perhaps, they should have focused on creating a more well-rounded and engaging narrative. But alas, that ship had sailed, leaving me feeling unsatisfied and wanting more.

  • WildDaniel

    Overall 5

    Story 5.5Acting 8Music 6.5Rewatch Value 1.5

    This review may contain spoilers. This TV series revolves around two female leaders who are portrayed as detestable characters throughout. The first lead, Wee, is shown to be self-centered, easily manipulated, and constantly blaming others for her own misfortunes. The second lead, Aon, shares similar traits and their revenge plot lacks a logical basis. The relationship between Wee and Nik, the male lead, is also depicted as unrealistic, as it is difficult to understand why he would endure Wee's behaviour for so long. Tragically, Nik...

    dies for her. Wee's subsequent relationship with Phu is equally perplexing, as she is portrayed as a violent and detestable woman who does not truly love anyone. The male characters in this series are portrayed as foolish for staying in such toxic relationships. Ultimately, the performances by the actresses are notable, as they effectively embody their characters. However, due to the unlikability of the lead characters and the overall plot, I do not intend to rewatch this series.