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In this emotionally charged series, viewers are introduced to a woman burdened by societal expectations and the weight of her family's legacy. She's a character of high birth and noble lineage, yet she feels trapped, unable to fully express her true self or find companionship that resonates with her soul. Compounding her inner turmoil is the ever-present pressure from her grandmother, a matriarch whose traditional views are both suffocating and inescapable.

Amidst this backdrop of emotional confinement, a vibrant and effervescent young woman breezes into her life. This girl's luminescent presence disrupts her uneventful existence, causing her heart to beat with an intensity it has never known. For the first time, she experiences a genuine connection, a spark that promises the possibility of love.

Despite the profound impact they have on each other, acceptance of their feelings is anything but simple. Society's spotlight shines unkindly on the vast chasm of their age difference, casting a shadow over the legitimacy and future of their burgeoning relationship. In a particularly poignant moment, one where vulnerabilities are laid bare, a plea to dismiss a shared intimate experience as trivial underscores the complex tapestry of their feelings; tears are shed in solitude as they grapple with the harsh realities of their situation.

Viewers follow this poignant narrative, a testament to the struggles of pursuing an unconventional relationship, love's transformative power, and the quest for authenticity against the odds. The series, an adaptation of a renowned novel, delves into themes of identity, acceptance, and the courage to seek happiness despite societal norms.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 08 Jul 11, 2024
Episode 07 Jul 11, 2024
Episode 06 Jul 09, 2024
Episode 05 Jul 09, 2024
Episode 04 Jul 09, 2024
Episode 03 Jul 09, 2024
Episode 02 Jul 07, 2024
Episode 01 Jul 07, 2024

What people are saying

  • sillyxie

    Overall 9

    Story 9.5Acting 10Music 7.5Rewatch Value 10

    This TV series has set the bar high with its first episode, leaving a lasting impression that could be hard to beat. The stellar acting, the deep connections between the characters, and the undeniable chemistry on screen are truly captivating. The actors have already showcased a clear improvement in their performances, which were already impressive from the start. The emotional depth and authenticity in each scene are truly remarkable. This series is currently at the top of its game, delivering a viewing experience that is...

    second to none. The level of intimacy portrayed on screen is especially noteworthy, adding an extra layer of depth to the storytelling.

  • SmartSpaceballs85

    Overall 10

    Story 10Acting 10Music 10Rewatch Value 10

    There is a new GL drama that has completely stolen my heart - it's extraordinary in every way possible! Initially, I didn't have high expectations because there was hardly any buzz surrounding it. However, as soon as I dove into the first episode of the series, I found myself utterly captivated, particularly by the exceptional acting skills on display. Each subsequent episode continued to surpass the last, building up to a truly magnificent finale that left me in awe. The performances were simply outstanding, setting...

    a new benchmark for GL series. The writing was equally impressive, staying faithful to the original novel while making minor adjustments to the characters' ages. Additionally, the music was a standout feature, with both Faye and Yoko delivering impeccable performances as singers. If only all production studios creating GL series could take a page out of this show's book! I'm eagerly anticipating the next GL drama from NineStarStudios - here's hoping it lives up to the standard set by this exceptional series.

  • BoldCheetah87

    Overall 9

    Story 8Acting 9Music 8Rewatch Value 8.5

    Warning: This review contains spoilers
    From foes to potential lovers, the evolution of the characters in the series I recently watched was a rollercoaster of emotions. Initially hesitant to recommend the first season, I found myself eagerly endorsing the second installment. The growth in character development, particularly with S. Anueng, was notable as she portrayed a more age-appropriate persona while still retaining her endearing charm. Her newfound assertiveness and sass added depth to her relationship with Nueng, who reciprocated by acknowledging Anueng's emotions and exhibiting...

    a stronger sense of self. The on-screen chemistry between the two female leads intensified, with even the briefest of interactions leaving a lasting impact.

    The series struck a delicate balance between maturity and melodrama, seamlessly weaving in soap opera-like twists without veering into excess. While not without flaws, it succeeded in keeping me consistently entertained, fully immersing me in the narrative. The utilization of a common trope, such as a character falling into a coma after an accident, was executed surprisingly well, providing a necessary passage of time for Anueng's family to come to terms with Nueng's place in her life. Despite initial reservations, they began to acknowledge Nueng's genuine affection for Anueng, paving the way for future acceptance.

    Rarely have I come across a storyline that navigates sapphic relationships with such poignancy and authenticity. For viewers seeking a substantial and engaging narrative in the realm of GL series, this show undoubtedly delivers.

  • fluffyyoon87

    Overall 10

    Story 9Acting 9Music 9Rewatch Value 10

    From the moment this show premiered, it had me hooked. The performances by the cast, their on-screen chemistry, and FayeYoko's portrayal really struck a chord with me. Prior to this, I had only dabbled in a few other Thai GL series, like GAP and Love Senior The Series. However, after experiencing this show, I find myself drawn to Thai GLs more than ever before. Faye and Yoko's characters taught me a valuable lesson about love - it's not about who you love, but rather how...

    they shape you as a person. This series is a definite must-watch and one that I highly recommend to all.

  • wildflashdance

    Overall 10

    Story 10Acting 10Music 10Rewatch Value 10

    An exceptional GL series that stands in a league of its own, Blank showcases the unparalleled talent of two leading ladies whose performances are truly mesmerizing. The on-screen chemistry between them is palpable, creating a sense of authenticity that is rare to find. The love scenes are crafted with utmost care, focusing more on emotional depth rather than explicit visuals. Both actresses deliver phenomenal performances, with Faye and Yoko embodying their roles with precision. Once you start watching Blank, you'll find yourself drawn back to...

    it time and time again.