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Throughout her life, Liu has faced the harsh sting of judgment based on her appearance. The constant bullying weighs heavily on her, shaping her dreams and aspirations as she enters university. Seeking a fresh start and the companionship she craves, Liu makes the life-altering decision to undergo cosmetic surgery, hoping it will pave the way to a happier life and new friendships. It's here at the university that Liu crosses paths with Faye, a personification of natural beauty, who quickly takes on the role of Liu's first true friend.

Yet, life's complexities are never far behind. Liu's world is further complicated when she encounters Guy, a charming individual with a link to her middle school days. He cautions her with a cryptic warning about Faye, which only fuels Liu's aversion to him. In stark contrast stands Saint, a graduate student residing next door, whose consistent support and encouragement stand as a beacon of positivity in her often turbulent world.

However, circumstances conspire to strip away Liu's carefully constructed facade, outing her surgical past to her peers. The aftermath is a cascade of disappointment as those she valued begin to scorn her, leaving her to wrestle with the haunting question of whether she will ever be accepted for who she truly is.

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Episode 14 Apr 10, 2024
Episode 13 Apr 08, 2024
Episode 12 Apr 06, 2024
Episode 11 Apr 04, 2024
Episode 10 Apr 02, 2024
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