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Embarking on a journey to fulfill his deep-rooted aspirations, a young aspiring musician relocates to Thailand with the intention of honing his craft and achieving renown in the world of music, much like his late father who once captivated audiences with his talents. His path leads him to an esteemed academy, where he hopes to cultivate his skills and carve his name in the annals of musical prodigies, keeping alive his father's legacy while also creating his own.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 11 Jun 14, 2024
Episode 10 Jun 14, 2024
Episode 09 Jun 13, 2024
Episode 08 Jun 13, 2024
Episode 07 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 06 Jun 08, 2024
Episode 05 Jun 08, 2024
Episode 04 Jun 06, 2024
Episode 03 Jun 04, 2024
Episode 02 Jun 03, 2024
Episode 01 Jun 03, 2024

What people are saying

  • happykate8

    Overall 7.5

    Story 7Acting 8.5Music 8Rewatch Value 6.5

    A musical drama series featuring a heartwarming BL side couple, this show blends catchy music numbers with soap opera elements throughout its hour-long episodes. Despite its charming mix of genres, a number of episodes were not available with subtitles. Viewers should be aware that this series tackles heavy topics such as grief, intimate partner abuse, and homophobia, making for a rollercoaster of emotions.

    Fans of the BL couple will appreciate their sweet moments together, though it's lamentable that they didn't receive more screen time to...

    further develop their relationship. While some viewers may not be fond of love triangles, the resolution is satisfying enough. The juxtaposition of light musical numbers against serious themes could be disorienting at times, but overall, the series offers a mix of entertainment and depth for those willing to tune in.