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The protagonist, Molly, has always aspired to become a successful fashion designer. However, her ambitions are put on hold when she is obligated to take over her family's truck business. With her future hanging in the balance, Molly finds herself torn between the choice of selling the business or pursuing her lifelong dream in the fashion industry. The ultimate question remains: Will Molly prioritize her truck business or risk it all to follow her passion for fashion design?

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 01 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 02 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 03 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 04 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 05 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 06 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 07 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 08 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 09 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 10 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 11 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 12 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 13 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 14 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 15 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 16 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 17 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 18 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 19 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 20 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 21 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 22 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 23 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 24 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 25 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 26 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 27 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 28 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 29 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 30 Dec 08, 2023
Episode 31END Dec 08, 2023

What people are saying

  • sweetangelina47

    Overall 8

    Story 7Acting 10Music 10Rewatch Value 3.5

    The TV series features a female lead who initially drew me in, but I was pleasantly surprised by the rest of the ensemble cast. However, I found the portrayal of the villains to be irritating due to their constant scheming. The chemistry among the characters was solid, with the humor feeling natural and not forced. Although the main couple was likable, the romance was almost non-existent, which made it difficult to consider it a significant aspect of the storyline.

    One major downside was the slow-paced...

    and repetitive plot. The story dragged on far too long, and the repetitiveness became tiresome. The number of episodes could have been reduced to maintain viewer engagement and prevent unnecessary plot dragging. The villains' motivations and actions were completely senseless, which undermined their believability. Additionally, the music, as expected in a musical, had characters spontaneously bursting into song and dance. In the first half, there was only one song, but the second half introduced original numbers that were a pleasant change. The final dance and song sequence was particularly enjoyable, showcasing the cast's talent and adding a lovely touch to the overall production.

    While I did find some enjoyment in watching this TV series, it lacks the rewatch value for me. The weak romance and dragged-out plot diminish its overall appeal.

  • lazyzhu

    Overall 9

    Story 9Acting 9Music 9Rewatch Value 9

    Once upon a time, there was a TV series that caught my attention. I must confess, if it had been shorter, it might have been even better. Nonetheless, I found it to be far from terrible. Admittedly, there were moments when it dragged a bit, but that didn't deter my enjoyment. I have a soft spot for these kinds of shows, you see.

    This particular series was your average Issan lakorn, filled with unexpected drama over land, drug lords, and inexplicable singing in fields. It had...

    a certain charm to it that I couldn't resist. At first glance, it seemed like just another story about a rich lead character trying to deny her humble origins. However, as the plot unfolded, she gradually embraced her roots and the people around her, leaving behind the toxic and annoying individuals. This twist was a pleasant surprise, as I initially thought she only cared about herself.

    The relationships in the show were heartwarming, especially the ones between the workers and the parents. I particularly loved the male lead. He was the epitome of sweetness, hardworking, and patient. The childhood crush dynamic added depth to their connection, and it was gratifying to see him grow from unrequited love to something more. While I craved even more romance, it's understandable that these types of dramas prioritize other plot elements like business wars.

    The female lead, portrayed by a talented actress, was satisfactory. She showcased her skills in a compelling manner and didn't disappoint. The chemistry between the main leads was undeniable, and I appreciated that they took their time to acknowledge their feelings for each other. The absence of toxicity was refreshing, and I couldn't help but root for them. Every cute moment they shared warmed my heart, even if it lacked intense physical intimacy.

    The comedic aspects of the show had me laughing out loud. However, the constant fighting and exaggerated situations started feeling over the top towards the end, tugging at my emotional strings. The music was also a highlight, with a catchy theme song that stayed with me. The occasional breakout into musical numbers added to the charm and made for a delightful soundtrack.

    All in all, this lakorn provided a pleasant break from the usual tropes of kiss and slap dramas and toxic relationships. The chemistry between the main leads was endearing, with their moments of stubbornness serving as minor setbacks rather than major flaws. Although it had its annoying moments, it was an entertaining and cute series that I would recommend to those in search of laughter, good music, and an overall enjoyable experience.