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In the gripping tale of survival and professional intrigue, we meet a seemingly self-assured and outspoken woman, tasked with the financial stability of her family. Her life intersects with that of a once-successful engineer whose career took a nosedive following a devastating building collapse he was responsible for designing. Both individuals find themselves navigating the ruthless world of banking, where they must contend with the volatile national financial landscape and the cutthroat maneuvers of a colleague determined to succeed at any cost. As they strive to uphold their integrity and personal lives, they are thrust into a high-pressure environment that tests their resilience and fortitude. This drama series initially made its way to audiences through online platforms in late November of the year it debuted and subsequently arrived on television screens in the following May, drawing viewers into its complex web of personal and professional challenges.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 14 Jul 19, 2024
Episode 13 Jul 19, 2024
Episode 12 Jul 16, 2024
Episode 11 Jul 16, 2024
Episode 10 Jul 13, 2024
Episode 09 Jul 13, 2024
Episode 08 Jul 10, 2024
Episode 07 Jul 10, 2024
Episode 06 Jul 10, 2024
Episode 05 Jul 10, 2024
Episode 04 Jul 05, 2024
Episode 03 Jul 05, 2024
Episode 02 Jul 02, 2024
Episode 01 Jul 02, 2024

What people are saying

  • LivelyAliens73

    Overall 9

    Story 10Acting 8.5Music 8.5Rewatch Value 8

    This series delves into the cutthroat world of office politics within a financial sales company. Despite not typically being a fan of business dramas, I found myself eagerly awaiting each new episode. The narrative is anything but dull, offering a mix of workplace pressure, alliances, friendships, and a hint of romance.

    The story follows Alice and Mes, two individuals navigating the challenges of a competitive corporate environment. As they strive for success amid various obstacles, viewers are treated to glimpses of their personal lives, including Alice's...

    struggles with family responsibilities and Mes' complex relationships.

    The central character, Alice, portrayed by Mint Chalida Vijitvongthong, undergoes a notable transformation throughout the series. Starting off as ambitious and self-centered, she gradually evolves into a more empathetic and people-focused individual. Opposite her is Mes, played by Nonkul Chanon Santinatornkul, bringing depth to his character as a newcomer grappling with past controversies.

    The cast's performances breathe life into a narrative marked by suspense and intrigue, with a touch of slow-burning romance between Alice and Mes. The show's production values, courtesy of BEC Studio, elevate the storytelling without succumbing to typical melodramatic tropes often associated with this genre.

    While the visual aspects may not be groundbreaking due to its office setting, the series stands out for its restraint in portraying characters realistically, without embellishments common in traditional TV dramas. The soundtrack, though minimal, serves its purpose in enhancing key emotional moments experienced by the characters.

    In a satisfying conclusion, justice prevails as the plot threads are neatly tied up. The protagonists find themselves in positive circumstances, with Alice's promotion and Mes returning to his engineering career, capping off their journey together on a hopeful note.