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Drama, Comedy, Romance


In the early 2000s, a renowned actor named Ryu experienced unprecedented success, becoming a household name. However, as time passed, his once-illustrious career gradually faded into obscurity. Determined to regain his former glory and redeem his tarnished reputation, Ryu sets out on a quest to make a comeback in the entertainment industry. Will he be able to reignite his star power and win back the adoration of his fans? Only time will tell.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 01 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 02 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 03 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 04 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 05 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 06 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 07 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 08 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 09 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 10 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 11 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 12 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 13 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 14 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 15 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 16 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 17 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 18 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 19 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 20 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 21 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 22 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 23 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 24 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 25 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 26 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 27 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 28 Dec 05, 2023
Episode 29END Dec 05, 2023

What people are saying

  • happyan

    Overall 6

    Story 3Acting 8.5Music 8Rewatch Value 5

    Once upon a time, there was a highly anticipated TV series called Anne-Ken's comeback. Fans of Anne-Ken, the beloved duo, couldn't wait to see them grace the screen again. I, too, was among those eagerly awaiting their return, having been a devoted fan for years. However, to my disappointment, their comeback didn't live up to the hype.

    From the very first episode, I noticed a weakness that plagued the series. While it had a talented cast of actors, the script itself was shockingly weak. In the...

    beginning, I enjoyed the chemistry between Anne and Ken, referred to as AK, but as the episodes progressed, the script became convoluted and filled with unnecessary details. It even featured some confusing and superfluous love scenes that left me scratching my head.

    There were moments when the editing seemed haphazard, with cutscenes that lacked any explanatory transition. Additionally, there were jokes that only AK fans would understand, leaving non-fans feeling left out. Moreover, some of the jokes crossed the line, making for an uncomfortable viewing experience.

    Another downfall of the series was the excessive amount of guest appearances. These appearances not only disrupted the flow of the story but also made it feel dull and unnecessary. One particular gang, known as the Furby Gang, annoyed me with their constant loudness.

    Furthermore, one character named Ryu didn't resonate with me at all. He came across as spoiled, immature, and a red flag in any relationship. It was disheartening to see the potential for a better match for the beloved character Kat go to waste.

    Despite these flaws, there were some strengths to be celebrated. Anne Thong, who played Kat, looked absolutely stunning in every shot. Her beauty was captured in ways I had never seen before. Additionally, the friendship between Kat and Soda, played by Ken, was adorable and had good chemistry. And finally, the series didn't shy away from real kisses, which added a much-needed touch of authenticity.

    Speaking of authenticity, Anne's acting was quite impressive in this series, possibly because her character resembled her true self. She effortlessly portrayed the naturally funny aspects of Kat and carried the weight of the entire story. On the other hand, Ken's acting seemed to regress. He appeared to be trying too hard to be funny, resulting in a lack of genuine humor.

    In conclusion, no matter how many superstars a series may have, if the script falls short, it is destined to fail. This was evident in the ratings, which spoke for themselves. It's important to note that the shortcomings of this series were not a reflection of the actors' abilities or their ages; rather, they stemmed from an underdeveloped script. I hold out hope that in the future, Anne and Ken will reunite again, but with a much stronger plot. Only then can their next project truly become the hit that their fans deserve.