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A gifted neurosurgeon from an affluent background decides to step out from the shadow of his domineering father to carve his own path, seeking solace and expression through the meditative art of baking in the quiet corners of his life. His finely balanced world takes an unexpected turn when a free-spirited woman with an unconventional wardrobe becomes his neighbor. Brought up by her single father who manages a lively cabaret, she inadvertently becomes entwined in the surgeon's life after a comical misunderstanding involving a Halloween-themed confectionery creation.

Despite the rocky introduction, they find common ground in their shared passion for the culinary arts. Through moments crafted by flour and sugar, the neighbor's radiant personality and the unique bonds within her bohemian-esque family life begin to fill the previously unacknowledged empty spaces in the surgeon's structured heart. Their lives intertwine, revealing the colors and tastes of a world outside the hospital that he never knew he needed. This tale of unexpected companionship flourishes amidst the backdrop of family dynamics and self-discovery, melding sweetness with life's complex recipes.

Episode Name Date Added
Episode 11 Jun 14, 2024
Episode 10 Jun 13, 2024
Episode 09 Jun 13, 2024
Episode 08 Jun 11, 2024
Episode 07 Jun 08, 2024
Episode 06 Jun 06, 2024
Episode 05 Jun 06, 2024
Episode 04 Jun 06, 2024
Episode 03 Jun 06, 2024
Episode 02 Jun 06, 2024
Episode 01 Jun 06, 2024

What people are saying

  • giantli

    Overall 10

    Story 9Acting 10Music 8Rewatch Value 10

    A true masterpiece in the realm of television dramas, this series stands out among its peers. While I typically reserve my highest praise for shows within its genre, this transcends all boundaries and deserves a wide audience. Each viewer is bound to discover a part of themselves within its intricate storytelling. The characters are not simply good or bad; they are nuanced and realistic, mirroring the complexities of real life. Once you start watching, you'll be fully immersed in its compelling narrative, unable to tear...

    yourself away. I could go on for hours discussing the brilliance of this series. The performances by all actors are outstanding, and the chemistry between the main couples is palpable. The caliber of guest appearances will leave you pleasantly surprised. There's no need for more words—just dive in and experience it for yourself.

  • sharpelephant67

    Overall 7

    Story 10Acting 9.5Music 4.5Rewatch Value 6

    A delightful escapade filled with the unexpected. This series unveils the appeal of two contrasting individuals coming together in an unusual yet captivating manner. The ensemble cast, including James Ji and Toey alongside seasoned actors and notable guest appearances, elevates the viewing experience. Spoilers ahead.

    Mata and Pennung, the epitome of opposites, navigate life from diverging perspectives. While Mata relishes in a carefree upbringing within a vibrant cabaret owned by her father, Pennung is molded by the rigidity of his motivational speaker father's ambitions. Their backgrounds,...

    though peculiar, shape them into resilient beings amidst the chaos of their families.

    The narrative delves deep into the complexities of familial dynamics, shedding light on how upbringing influences personalities. James Ji shines in his role, effortlessly embodying his character's nuances. The chemistry between James Ji and Toey is palpable, adding depth to Mata's journey of self-discovery.

    Amidst medical jargon and intricate family ties, the series strikes a chord with its portrayal of unwavering support from friends and allies. Jealousy and internal strife within Pennung's family add layers of conflict, keeping the viewers engaged without resorting to clichés or unnecessary drama.

    A breezy watch with a unique premise, this series may not warrant a replay but guarantees a pleasurable viewing experience.

  • dullmaleficent53

    Overall 9

    Story 9.5Acting 10Music 7Rewatch Value 8

    The front-runner Lakorn of the season deserves every bit of praise it receives. I may have a soft spot for this show, but it's hard not to when it exudes such positivity and charm. If you're in the mood for a heartfelt family drama that strikes the perfect balance between humor, tears, romance, and friendship without overwhelming intensity, you've found your match.

    From the moment I tuned in months ago, I was hooked, eagerly awaiting each new episode. The emotional rollercoaster I've been on over the...

    past couple of months thanks to this show has been nothing short of exhilarating. Laughter, tears, cringing moments, and countless smiles - this series has it all.

    Let's talk about the standout performances of the cast. Toey's portrayal of Mata is a revelation, showcasing her depth and versatility compared to her previous work. It's evident that she was born to play this character. James Ji's portrayal of Penneung is effortlessly natural, blurring the lines between the actor and the character seamlessly.

    The undeniable chemistry between the two leads is captivating, making it easy to believe in their on-screen romance. The supporting characters, like Tri, Pang, Riri, Father Grace, and Aunt Vee, all add layers to the narrative, each with their unique stories and personalities.

    The gang dynamics within the show, particularly The Cage and the doctors, offer unique glimpses into the characters' lives and relationships. The love and support within these groups are heartwarming and relatable.

    As the series draws to a close, the longing for a full soundtrack release is real - the music has become a vital part of the viewing experience. I can already see myself revisiting this show multiple times in the future, simply because I'll miss the characters and their journeys.

    As for a potential sequel, the possibilities are tantalizing, especially when it comes to the dynamics between Pang, Tri, and Riri. Perhaps a continuation involving Mata, Penneung, and their little one could be on the horizon.

    For those yearning for more after the show's conclusion, I recommend checking out Timeline for a similar emotional experience. Just be sure to have tissues at the ready.

  • sillyjodie

    Overall 10

    Story 10Acting 10Music 7Rewatch Value 10

    This particular series has captured my attention like no other Thai drama before. As it is an ongoing series, I have yet to witness its conclusion, but I am compelled to share my thoughts on what I have seen so far. The male lead's performance is truly exceptional! His charm and affection for the female lead are palpable as the story unfolds. His unconditional acceptance of her, despite her eccentric family and quirky nature, is truly heartwarming. I am enamored by their chemistry and how...

    they bring out the best in each other. The female lead, equally endearing, adds a lovely dynamic to their relationship. Her warmth and humor complement the male lead perfectly, filling a void from his past. The plot is captivating, and the ensemble cast adds a delightful layer to the narrative. For those contemplating watching this series, I wholeheartedly recommend giving it a chance. I eagerly anticipate the resolution of this enthralling story.

    **UPDATE:** Having now completed the series, I can attest to its excellence. While some may describe it as a slow-burn romance, I found it to be consistently engaging throughout. The endearing relationship between the main leads, particularly the male lead's gradual realization of his feelings, was a highlight for me. Though some characters may have tested my patience, the majority added depth to the storyline. The entire cast delivered stellar performances, enhancing the overall viewing experience. If you appreciate romantic stories featuring supportive main characters, a charming female lead who helps her counterpart evolve, and a vibrant supporting cast, this series is a must-watch. Dive into this drama; you won't be disappointed.

  • BluntFootloose30

    Overall 8.5

    Story 9Acting 10Music 7Rewatch Value 6

    If you're exploring the dynamic of opposites attracting in relationships, this series is a must-watch. The central characters embody this theme impeccably, showcasing a remarkable journey of growth and companionship. Despite Penneung's upbringing, which demands perfection, he evolves into a remarkable individual. On the other hand, Mata, raised in a judgmental environment, exudes a refreshing outlook on life. Their union is nothing short of perfect, with Penneung instilling discipline in Mata's life while she reciprocates with warmth and affection.

    The latter part of the series left...

    a lasting impression on me. While the initial episodes delved into complex medical jargon that may have been daunting for some viewers, the sweet and endearing moments between the leads compensated for it. What sets this series apart is its ability to sustain engagement even after the central couple's union. Mata's initial portrayal as naive and frivolous gradually gives way to a character filled with wisdom and positivity, especially evident in her handling of challenging situations.

    The series skillfully weaves together themes of toxicity, familial disapproval, trauma, infidelity, therapy, and the daily struggles of a busy life. While incorporating all these elements could have easily resulted in a chaotic narrative, this series manages to portray them cohesively and effectively. A truly captivating watch from start to finish, although a more definitive resolution for Trai's character would have enhanced the overall viewing experience.