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Fantasy, Romance, Wuxia


An immortal deity named Fu Jiu Yun becomes deeply enamored with a mortal woman. Despite his immense power, he struggles to win her affections. In an attempt to be with her, he follows her through numerous lifetimes over the span of a thousand years. However, his efforts prove futile.

Eventually, the woman is reborn as a princess, offering hope for a different outcome. Unfortunately, an evil prince and a horde of demons from a neighboring realm conspire to destroy the princess. This wicked plot succeeds, resulting in the demise of her family and the devastation of her kingdom. The princess manages to escape her enemies by disguising herself as her maid, Ah Man.

Filled with an unwavering determination for revenge, the princess seeks the assistance of Fu Jiu Yun. As they join forces, their connection deepens into a profound love. Yet, fate has other plans, and their romance appears to have a limited time frame. Thus, they face the difficult task of making choices that will forever shape their lives and impact the welfare of the princess' subjects.

Note: This storyline is adapted from the novel "The Killing of Three Thousand Crows" (三千鴉殺) by Shi Si Lang (十四郎).

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What people are saying

  • LoudShin

    Overall 6

    Story 6Acting 9Music 6.5Rewatch Value 2

    Spoiler alert: Let's dive into a drama that had me hooked from the start, thanks to the stunning Zhao Lusi and the swoon-worthy ZYC. But, alas, my excitement soon turned into disappointment as the storyline and editing fell flat and made me consider hitting the skip button.

    First, I have to address the impersonation dilemma. While many were upset with Zhao Lusi's replacement, I found myself more bothered by the introduction of another female lead. Thankfully, it turned out to be a deliberate move, which eased...

    my concerns. However, the sudden character change was quite jarring and could have been smoother.

    Now, let's talk about the editing. Oh boy, it was a mess. Despite the series supposedly having a big budget, the post-production work could have been better. Everything happened out of the blue, leaving me confused with no apparent logic behind the scenes. A missed opportunity indeed.

    Moving on to ZYC's performance. Some fans might find his flirtatious behavior charming, but I found it rather cringey. From his constant stalking to the unexpected bedroom visits and deliberate teasing, it all felt unsettling. And don't even get me started on the way he said her name. The intimacy was overwhelming, and not in a good way.

    Let's talk about Second Prince Er Lang. They nailed the casting for a dumb character, to the point where I couldn't see him as anything else. However, his lack of gravitas made it difficult for me to fully believe in his role. On the other hand, the First Prince, his brother, definitely had the right amount of hotness. Though physically smaller, he was convincing in his portrayal.

    Plotholes, plotholes everywhere! The ending left me unsatisfied, with zero explanation for the chaos that ensued. It felt as if things conveniently happened whenever the plot needed a boost. A lack of leadup and reasoning left much to be desired.

    Despite the flaws, there was one salvation here: Xuan Zhu. She remained consistent throughout the drama, and in the end, she made the ultimate sacrifice. However, she was self-aware enough to acknowledge that her actions were not entirely altruistic. This depth made her character stand out, and I truly appreciated that.

    Overall, this drama had some shining lights, including the talented Zhao Lusi, ZYC, Dai Yun Fan, and Molly Wang. Unfortunately, the rest of the series is easily forgettable. But hey, give it a shot if you're a fan of the cast—just don't expect a masterpiece.

  • giantyoon

    Overall 8.5

    Story 7Acting 8Music 9Rewatch Value 7

    Once upon a time, in a world where mortals and immortals coexisted, a mesmerizing drama unfolded before our eyes. From the very beginning, the show captured my attention with its stunning actors, intricate costumes, and an intriguing storyline. However, as the episodes progressed, it became evident that something was amiss. The once-promising production began to falter due to weak scriptwriting, numerous plot holes, and questionable editing choices, like the use of Photoshop to alter an actor's face. Despite these flaws, the love story at the...

    heart of the series managed to shine through.

    At first, I found myself put off by the flamboyant nature of Fu Jiuyun, portrayed by the charming Zheng Yecheng. His character's hands were constantly wandering, especially towards the object of his affection, Qing Chuan, played by Zhao Lusi. Surprisingly, Qing Chuan seemed unfazed by this attention, even appearing to enjoy it. This stark contrast with her role as Princess Yanyan, a figure of dignity and adoration, left me puzzled. It was as though her character had undergone a drastic transformation, which could be attributed to both the poorly written script and Zhao Lusi's confusing portrayal.

    Despite my reservations, I must admit that Zhao Lusi's on-screen chemistry with Zheng Yecheng was undeniably captivating. Zheng Yecheng effortlessly embodied the carefree nature of Fu Jiuyun, a celestial being devoid of worldly concerns. His strikingly handsome face, paired with the sincere adoration he displayed towards Qing Chuan, truly made their love story come alive. In terms of visuals, they were a match made in heaven.

    Unfortunately, the flaws of the series extended beyond the performances. Numerous illogical dialogues and scenes plagued the show, leaving me questioning the very fabric of its logic. However, amidst these shortcomings, the costumes stood out as a beacon of excellence. The attention to detail in the garments, particularly the simple yet elegant white gowns worn by Fu Jiuyun, and the elaborate dresses donned by Princess Yanyan during her dance sequences, added an extra layer of intrigue to the production. Additionally, the heart-wrenching soundtrack that accompanied Jiuyun's longing for Qing Chuan was truly enchanting.

    Amidst the chaos, there were a few standout scenes. One that left me breathless was Yanyan's ethereal dance to a song composed by Fu Jiuyun. The grace and beauty displayed in that moment were truly awe-inspiring. Another scene that truly captured the essence of legends was the final one, where Qing Chuan raced towards Fu Jiuyun beneath a majestic peach blossom tree. It was a celestial sight that stayed with me long after the series ended.

    Speaking of the ending, it left much to be desired. It felt almost lazy, as though the entire narrative had been a dream, or perhaps a glimpse into a parallel dimension. Our female lead simply vanished, only to reappear alongside her beloved in a different realm. It was a puzzling conclusion that left me longing for more closure.

    In conclusion, while the series had its fair share of flaws, there were still elements that made it worth watching, especially if you are a fan of Zheng Yecheng. His portrayal of Fu Jiuyun was the saving grace that propelled me to continue watching until the very end.

  • SunnyAnne

    Overall 7.5

    Story 7.5Acting 7.5Music 8.5Rewatch Value 7

    Prepare yourself for a journey through a mesmerizing world that will leave you on the edge of your seat! This drama had the potential to be an absolute hit, and I'm here to spill all the thrilling details in this spoiler-filled review (so proceed with caution!).

    Picture a simple, yet enchanting fairy tale. We meet Fu Jiuyun, an immortal who becomes infatuated with a mortal woman who possesses an indomitable spirit. Throughout ten different lifetimes spanning over a thousand years, Jiuyun relentlessly pursues her, even though...

    their love seems impossible.

    From the moment I started watching, I was completely hooked! The chemistry between the two leads kept me fully invested in their story. And let me tell you, their dance scenes were truly captivating; I could watch them over and over again!

    But hold on, things take an unexpected turn when a neighboring prince strikes a wicked deal with evil forces. Yanyan, our strong-willed mortal, is left devastated as her kingdom falls, her family is massacred, and her people are enslaved. Determined to seek vengeance and free her people, she takes on the identity of her maid, Qinchuan. Cue the entrance of a new actress, adding a refreshing twist to the plot!

    Now, I must admit that the transition between the two actresses was a bit confusing at first, but the comedic skills of the new leading lady really brought some light-hearted moments to the screen. Her interactions with Jiuyun, as well as their friends Xiao Bai and Er Meng, were simply entertaining!

    Just when you think their romance is taking off, the show takes an intense turn towards a revenge plot. Qinchuan becomes a bold and fierce character, but let's just say she often finds herself in precarious situations and needs some rescuing. While the show reaches its peak during the takedown of the bad guys, there is a slight dip in momentum during the middle, so feel free to hit that fast forward button!

    Here's where the real tear-jerker comes in - the ending! Brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster. Without giving too much away, let's just say that the conclusion left me feeling both confused and saddened, reminiscent of the classic tale of the Butterfly Lovers. There are some memories lost, time loops, and a deep sense of longing between our beloved characters.

    Don't worry, though! Despite the flaws in execution and the slightly perplexing ending, this drama still manages to capture the beauty of a fairy tale. The stunning visuals and breathtaking moments make it a worthwhile watch. Just be prepared to skip through some parts in the middle to maintain the momentum.

    Overall, while this drama missed the mark on becoming an unforgettable and addictive love story, it still holds its own as a beautiful journey into the realm of magic and romance. So grab some popcorn, cozy up on the couch, and get ready for a whimsical adventure that will leave you yearning for more!

  • darkmercury61

    Overall 8.5

    Story 7.5Acting 9Music 7.5Rewatch Value 9

    So here's the deal with this TV series, guys. It's your typical revenge and fate kind of plot with the main lead. Nothing too out of the ordinary, if you ask me. But hey, the pacing is on point, and the relationships between the characters feel natural and not forced. You can actually see their bond grow throughout the series, which is nice.

    Now, let's talk about the ending. Honestly, it left me a bit confused. I didn't read the novel, but apparently, it veered off...

    from the source material quite a bit. Hmm, interesting.

    Let's move on to the cast. As usual, Zhao Lu Shi nails these comedic historical roles effortlessly. She's just so perfect for them! And it's cool to see her take on a slightly more serious character this time around. Props to her! And then we have Zheng Ye Cheng, who totally surprised me. I've seen him in a couple of other shows like Love OO and An Oriental Odyssey, but here he really shines as the "male god" type. You know, the kind that makes you swoon and fall in love with him? Yeah, that kind.

    There's also a secondary romance going on, but honestly, I wasn't too invested in that storyline. It didn't really grab my attention.

    Oh, and can we talk about the dubbing for a second? I loved that they used the original voices instead of voice actors. It made everything flow so much better, you know? Kudos to the team for that decision.

    All in all, if you're into historical romances with a touch of comedy, I'd recommend giving this series a shot. It's got some political elements mixed in, but they're more like a background thing rather than the main focus. So yeah, give it a go if that sounds like your jam.

  • crazyscarlett21

    Overall 10

    Story 9Acting 10Music 10Rewatch Value 10

    I recently had the pleasure of watching a highly-anticipated TV series premiere. I felt compelled to share my thoughts on it, as it seems to have garnered mixed reviews. Some viewers expressed their disappointment, possibly due to the sudden switch of the female lead character in one of the episodes, or perhaps because they found the storyline slow and senseless.

    In my opinion, this drama may not appeal to everyone, but I strongly believe it's worth giving it a chance. Sometimes, you need to invest some...

    time in a story to truly appreciate its beauty. While the overall storyline may not be groundbreaking, I found it to be quite good. However, what truly captivated me was the exceptional acting, particularly by the two main leads. Their onscreen chemistry was simply irresistible.

    I must warn you though, the beginning of the series starts off a bit slow, confusing, and even irritating at times, especially due to the actions of the female lead character. However, I implore you to exercise patience and give it a few more episodes. I promise you'll soon find yourself wearing a smile that reaches ear to ear and possibly shedding a tear or two along the way.

    One aspect of this TV series that deserves special mention is the music. It effortlessly complemented the unfolding story, making it an integral part of the viewing experience. Surprisingly, even though I'm usually not a fan of slow and sweet music, I found myself humming along to the remarkable OST (Original Soundtrack).

    To sum it all up, this drama is undeniably good, albeit a bit slower-paced. However, the undeniable chemistry between Zhao Lusi and Zhen YeCheng is reason enough for me to rate it a perfect ten for rewatch value. I eagerly await their future collaborations, if they have any in the pipeline. I would like to express my gratitude to the entire cast, directors, producers, and all the individuals who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring us this beautiful drama. Xie Xie Ni!